"An MFA is an investment in your writing life"

Professor Lauren Markham discusses the value of an MFA from USF

How would you sum up your classroom dynamic or teaching style?
I strive to create a warm environment that is rooted in participatory practices and activities. I don't want to just talk at folks; I want folks to talk, inquire, engage and ponder among themselves.

How can pursuing an MFA support your writing process/journey now and later?
An MFA is an investment in your writing life. It supports you to generate new work, to take creative risks, to read beyond your natural inclinations. It supports you to become a better writer but, above all, to become a sharper reader — which ultimately serves your writing life.

What do you find most special about the MFA writing education/experience?
I grew up in San Francisco and find it to be a place of vibrant, progressive, visionary literary community. USF is in the heart of the city, and our program values literary citizenship and participation beyond the school walls.

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