Estate Gift for the Arts Inspired by the Getty Family

by Sara Rinaldi, Development Communications

Upon hearing about the launch of the Ann Getty Institute of Art and Design in 2022, an anonymous donor is inspired to make her contribution to USF and help further art education at the university by including a gift in her estate to support the Ann Getty Institute of Art and Design.

The donor has been heavily influenced by the arts, having married a designer, being instrumental in developing and being a partner in their design business, and taking multiple art classes throughout her education. Her love of art led her to become a docent, where she shares her knowledge and expertise with museum-goers.  

When asked about her inspiration, she said, “Art can enrich a person’s life and holds the power to make man think of themselves in a different way.”

Having met both Ann and Gordon Getty through social events and as a guest in their home, the anonymous donor admired the Gettys’ taste and curation of art. When hearing the news about the Ann Getty Institute at USF, she knew that this would be the right project to make part of her own legacy to further art education in San Francisco.

​​The Ann Getty Art and Design Institute will expand arts education and facilities to enable the university to expand its bachelor's and master's programs in the visual and performing arts. The program is an important priority for USF over the coming years as it will harness the transformative power of the arts, giving all students the opportunity and resources to explore art, performance, and design.

It plans to bring together esteemed artists, designers, architects, and performers to inhabit the campus and community while creating a socially conscious arts education in San Francisco.

Although not an alumna of the university, the anonymous benefactor is moved by Jesuit education and their philosophy of lifelong learning and open-mindedness.

“I have enormous respect for Jesuits, they are superb educators. They are still some of the main educators of the world,” she said.

Education is important to her — and by supporting art education, she knows she can help develop and continue societal awareness.

Learn more about how you can support the arts with a future gift to USF.

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