Professor Saera Khan

Saera Khan



Saera Khan's research explores the social cognitive processes involved in the reliance of stereotypes for judgment and the consequences of these prejudicial judgments for stigmatized groups. She also studies the role of identity and culture in the formation of moral judgments. She teaches Psychology Practicum, Social Psychology, and Advanced Research Methods. Her complete CV can be accessed through the link located on this page.

Research Areas

  • Social Psychology
  • Social Cognition
  • Stereotypes and Prejudice
  • Moral Psychology


  • Co-Chair, Dept. of Psychology
  • Co-Director of Center for Research, Artistic, and Scholarly Excellence,
  • Co-Editor, Journal of Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Scholarship
  • Member, USF Mission Council
  • Member, USF Interfaith Literacy and Leadership
  • Member, Athletic Oversight Board


  • Washington University in St. Louis, PhD in Social Psychology 
  • Washington University in St. Louis, MA in Social Psychology 
  • Loyola University Chicago, BA in Psychology

Awards & Distinctions

  • USF, 2023 Ignatian Pedagogy and Inclusive Teaching Mentor (Incorporating the Wise Feedback Approach Within an Ignatian Framework)
  • USF, 2022 CARD Poster that Best Represents “Living the Mission” (The Urge to Punish: Potential Dark Side to Social Activist Identity, Social Cognition Lab)
  • USF, 2021 Recipient of USF’s Non-Violence Interfaith Initiative Award Understanding the Mental and Social Support Needs of Marginalized Members of a Religious Community.
  • USF,  2021 OER Open Education Resource Grant
  • USF, 2020 Jesuit Grant Foundation Award “Exploring Place and Identities in the Modern World: Tommy Orange Reading and Conversation”

Selected Publications


  • (2017) Time to Break the Silence: Resisting Islamophobia in the Trump Era. Symposium co-organized at University of San Francisco.
  • (2016) “Know your mind: Implicit and explicit bias.” Invited talk given at Open DNS/Cisco Technologies.
  • (2014) "Family House and our Students’ Service", USF
  • (2014) "Sports Fans and Violence" USA Today
  • (2013) "Sports Fans and Violence" KMOV TV
  • (2011). Classical and Current Research and Success in Stereotype Reduction Interventions. The Psychology Diversity E-nitiative Project: Enhancing Diversity in Psychology and the Social Sciences through Podcasts and Web-based Videos (podcast recorded June 2011).
  • (2010). Controversial Methods and Topics in Teaching Psychology. Symposium organizer at the Annual Teaching of Psychology Conference, Atlanta, GA.