BayGeo's Intermediate QGIS

QGIS Part 2: Beyond the Basics

Go beyond the basics of the powerful, free, open-source QGIS software for geospatial analysis.

By completing this certificate, students will learn to use some advanced tools and recently added features in QGIS to analyze spatial data and create cool maps. The certificate will include interactive activities to guide you through QGIS skills. It will also include time to analyze data of your choice and create visuals to communicate your results.

This certificate is designed for students with some prior QGIS experience. If you're looking to start with QGIS from the beginning, check out the BayGeo’s Introduction to QGIS certificate.

Learning Objectives

QGIS is a free, open-source software that can analyze, edit, and visualize geospatial data. This powerful software is comparable in functionality to Esri's ArcGIS Pro, but can run on any operating system, and ....did we say it's free?

By completing this certificate, you will be able to use QGIS to perform powerful analysis, including spatial interpolation, time series analysis, model building, geocoding, and georeferencing.

The certificate will include interactive activities to guide you through essential, intermediate-level GIS skills. It will also include time to analyze data of your choice and discover your inner cartographer by creating maps to communicate your results.


  • Location: Online and in person (see table below)
  • Instructor: Cam Denney
  • Continuing Education Units: 1
  • Cost: $375

Dates & Schedule

Date Time Location
Tuesday, November 5 6-9 p.m. Class meets on Zoom
Tuesday, November 12 6-9 p.m. Class meets on Zoom
Tuesday, November 19 6-9 p.m. Class meets on Zoom

Lesson Plan

Class 1: Air Quality and Wildfires

  • Interpolate data using various techniques
  • Create, modify, and analyze raster data
  • Add the temporal dimension to analysis

Class 2: Policy Analysis

  • Explore the vast geoprocessing toolbox
  • Perform multi-step vector analysis
  • Build models for reproducible analysis

Class 3: Housing, Health & History

  • Turn analog to digital with georeferencing
  • Use demographic data to measure social impact
  • Infuse historic maps with modern data

Your Instructor

Cam Denney is an unabashed map nerd, cartographer, and GIS professional. He is also an enthusiastic teacher, having taught courses in GIS, outdoor education, high school math, and ESL. Cam currently works as a GIS consultant for the World Health Organization. He previously worked as a Research Analyst at the Alameda County Community Food Bank, and on the Spatial Computing Team at Facebook.

Prior to that, he completed a Masters in Geography from UC Davis and an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois.

Cam lives in Alameda, and can often be found shopping at his favorite grocery store located at: 37.8133886, -122.2682824


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