International Students

International students find the city of San Francisco a cosmopolitan and welcoming place to live and study. International students are an essential and valuable part of the USF community. Of the 10,700 students at USF, approximately 1,500 are international students from 91 countries.

How to Apply

First, please review the main How to Apply page and the sections on your individual program’s How to Apply page.

In addition, international applicants are required to upload additional items to the online application. No documents should be mailed or emailed to USF at time of application:

English Language Exam
Visit Test Scores for English Language exam minimums, exam exceptions, and countries exempted from English Language exams. The TOEFL-at-home and Duolingo online exams are now accepted.

Proof of Funding for F-1 Visa
Proof of funding is required for any applicant seeking an F-1 visa. If the funds are not in your name, a sponsor statement of support is also required. For detailed instructions, please read the Proof for Funding for F-1 Visa section below.

International Address
Your permanent address on the application needs to be an international address.

International Transcripts
Your transcripts need to be in the original language of your university, and in English translation. Include proof of degree conferral in the original language and in English. If you have not graduated yet, include proof of enrollment. Three-year Bachelor’s degrees are accepted for admission review.

Upload your passport’s photo/information page.

English Language Exam – Minimums

Visit Test Scores or English Language exam minimums, exam exceptions, and countries exempted from English Language exams.

Proof of Funding for F-1 Visa

Students who require an F-1 visa must demonstrate that they can fund educational and living expenses in the U.S. for the first year of the program. Even though a graduate program may award financial aid, students still must verify that they have funds to cover their costs in order to qualify for an F-1 visa.

Proof of funding is required at the time of application in order for the university to issue the I-20 form for the F-1 visa interview in a timely fashion. If you bring family members with you that require an I-20, you will need to provide additional proof of funding to cover their living expenses.

See the Certification of Finances page to determine the minimum amount that you will need to confirm for your application.

Applicants upload all proof of funding documents into their application account.

Bank Statement(s) are required if you do not have government or agency sponsorship or loans. Bank statements need to show a total amount that meets or exceeds the required funds for the first year of your graduate program, as list in the above PDF. Bank statements must show money held in cash account(s), which can include: checking, savings, certificates of deposit, money market accounts, or cash in an investment account. Stock accounts and lines of credit cannot be used.

If the funds are not in your name, please upload a Statement of Support that should include your full name, your sponsor’s full name and signature in English characters, and a brief statement that they are willing to provide financial assistance for your first year of studies.

Scholarships and sponsorships provided by a government or other agency can be uploaded to your application account for the proof of funding.

If your scholarship or loan program requires an admission letter to apply, please contact our office at

Scholarships and Financial Aid

At time of admission review, all international students are considered for scholarships or assistantships that may be offered by a graduate program. There is no separate application for these scholarships and teaching assistantships.

Learn more about non-USF funding resources for international students

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

ISSS provides important advice to international students about the visa application process, immigration documents, immunization requirements, pre-departure information, and mandatory International Student Orientation.

You are also required to attend your graduate program’s orientation, as well as the International Student Orientation.