A Letter from USF Greater China Alumni Chapter

by George Fang '16

To All USF Alumni in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan,


With its growing influence and global reach, USF's reputation of academic excellence has grown exponentially in the greater China area. In recent years, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Taiwan region have become top sources of incoming students and the gathering places for outstanding alumni. This increase in students has produced alumni who have achieved great success and developed into young leaders in their respective fields. 



USF Greater China Alumni Chapter

With the increased number of alumni in China and beyond, uniting alumni through an organization has become an important aspiration. The creation of an alumni association would help alumni expand their network, enhance resource sharing, realize win-win cooperation, and promote alumni career progress. By supporting our alumni through a formalized platform, USF hopes to ignite and unify our collective strength. 


With the support of the University, including USF President Paul J. Fitzgerald,  USF will create the Greater China Alumni Chapter (GCAC) and will seek leadership and support from George Fang '16 (founder of Asian Entrepreneurs Club) Wendy Hong '16, Yan Xiong '16, and Ricky Lv '15 to guide the establishment and launch of this alumni chapter. They will support the Chapter and give guidance from time to time. 

在学校的支持下,特别是在校长Paul J. Fitzgerald的亲自关心下,旧金山大学决定设立“大中华区校友会”(Greater China Area Alumni Chapter,简称GCAC),学校邀请2016届校友George Fang(亚洲创业家俱乐部创始人)、Wendy Hong、Yan Xiong 和2015届校友Ricky Lv,协助学校推进校友会的筹备工作,他们将为校友会的成立和后续发展提供持续的帮助。


We invite all alumni living in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to join the Greater China Alumni Chapter.  The USF GCAC will set up multiple regional branches in the area, and work to host events, gatherings, company visits, and professional forums. Additionally, the chapter will organize annual signature events including a Youth Entrepreneur Forum and Alumni Annual Banquet. We hope that you will join us as we work to strengthen our relationships with each other and USF.