Stephanie Ohshita

Stephanie A. Siehr


Full-Time Faculty

(415) 422-5986 Harney Science Center 440E


Professor Siehr works on energy–based solutions to multiple environmental problems–from local air pollution to global climate change–combining engineering with tools from political economy and organizational analysis. With a geographical focus on China, Japan, and the US, her research and teaching examine energy and carbon saving strategies; emissions inventories; city climate action; environmental and energy policy analysis; urban sustainability, international cooperation; and environmental risk management.

PhD, MS, Environmental Engineering and Policy, Stanford University
SB, Chemical Engineering, MIT
Energy and Environmental Policy Analysis
Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience
Urban Sustainability
Environmental Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Environment, Energy, and Economy in China and Japan
Selected Publications

Ohshita, S.B. (Siehr, S.A.) “Exercising Power: China’s Transition to Efficient, Renewable Energy.” In: Energy Transition in Comparative Perspective: Germany’s Path to a Sustainable Future. C. Hager and C. Stefes, eds. To be published by Palgrave-MacMillan in 2016.

Ohshita, S.B. (Siehr, S.A.), Zhou, N. “Low-Carbon Urban Infrastructure.” Chapter in Low-Carbon Cities. S. Dhakal and M. Ruth, eds. To be published 2016 as a Springer Environmental Brief.

Khanna, N., D. Fridley, L. Price, N. Zhou, S. Ohshita (S. Siehr). 2016. “Estimating China’s Urban Energy Demand and CO2 Emissions: A Bottom-up Modeling Perspective.” Proceedings of the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), Summer Study 2016.

Ohshita, S.B. (Siehr, S.A.), L. Price, N. Zhou,
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Ohshita, S.B. (Siehr, S.A.), N. Zhou, L. Price, D. Fridley, N. Khanna, L.X. Hong, HY. Lu, C. Fino-Chen, G. He. “Low Carbon Development for Cities: Methods and Measures.” Chapter in Vol. 6 "Sustainability of Energy Systems" in the Handbook of Clean Energy Systems. JY Yan, ed. Wiley: London, 2015.

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