Professor Sevan Suni

Sevan Suni

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty


Professor Suni is interested in how environmental change and ecology influence the evolutionary trajectories and conservation status of populations. Her current research focuses on how drought and deforestation affect plant-pollinator interactions, and how we can increase positive feedback between human-dominated and natural areas.


  • PhD, Biology, Stanford University
  • BA, Biology, Colorado College

Selected Publications

  • Suni, S.S., Scott, Z., Averill, A. and Whiteley, A. (2017). "Population Genetics of Commercial and Wild Bumble Bees: Implications for Crop Pollination and the Genetic Integrity of Wild Bees." Conservation Genetics. DOI 10.1007/s10592-017-0955-5.
  • Suni, S.S. (2017). "Assessing Dispersal Over Degraded Habitat and Intact Forest for the Orchid Bee Euglossa imperialis." Conservation Genetics. DOI 10.1007/s10592-016-0902-x.
  • Suni, S.S. and Whiteley, A. (2015). "Genetic Structure of a Montane Perennial Plant: The Influence of Landscape and Flowering Phenology." Conservation Genetics,16, 1431-1442.
  • Suni, SS.., Bronstein and J., Brosi, B.J. (2014). "Conservation Genetics of the Orchid Bee Euglossa championi: Analysis of Spatio-temporal Genetic Structure Reveals High Dispersal Over a Fragmented Area." Biotropica, 24, 202-209.
  • Suni, S.S. and Brosi, BJ. (2012). "Population Genetics of Orchid Bees in a Fragmented Tropical Landscape." Conservation Genetics, 13, 323-332.
  • Suni, S.S. and Eldakar, O.T. (2011). "High Mating Frequency and Variation With Lineage Ratio in Dependent-Lineage Harvester Ants." Insectes Sociaux, 58, 357-364.
  • Souza, R.O., Del Lama, M.A., Cervini, M., Mortari, N., Eltz, T., Zimmermann, Y., Bach, C., Brosi, B.J., Suni, S.S., Quezada-Euán, J.G. and Paxton, R.J. (2010). "Conservation Genetics of Neotropical Pollinators Revisited: Microsatellite Analysis Suggests That Diploid Males Are Rare in Orchid Bees." Evolution, 64, 3318-3326.
  • Suni, S.S. and Gordon, D.M. (2010). "Fine-Scale Genetic Structure and Dispersal Distance in the Harvester Ant Pogonomyrmex barbatus." Heredity, 104: 168-173.
  • Schwander, T.S., Cahan, S.H., Suni, S.S., and Keller, L. (2008) "Mechanisms of Reproductive Isolation Between an Ant Species of Hybrid Origin and Its Parents." Evolution, 62, 1635-1643.
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