Robizon Khubulashvili

Robizon Khubulashvili

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty


Robizon Khubulashvili's research is at the intersection of theoretical, behavioral, and experimental microeconomics. A common question in his research is, how can we use a user's revealed preferences to improve the performance of online platforms? Robizon has studied this question in two settings: when monetary incentives are missing (an online gaming platform) and when monetary incentives are present (an online gambling platform). His work suggests that heterogeneity among users is an essential consideration in designing better online platforms; that is, a policy benefiting one type of user might harm the other.

Research Areas

  • Behavioral market and platform design
  • Applied microeconomic theory
  • Experimental economics


  • Penn State University, PhD, 2020
  • International School of Economics at TSU, MA, 2013
  • Tbilisi State University, BA, 2011

Prior Experience

  • Postdoctoral scholar at the University of Pittsburgh