Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman

Associate Professor

Full-Time Faculty

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Dr. Michael M. Goldman is a marketing and sales teacher, researcher, and advisor to organizations in the U.S., India, Kenya, and South Africa. From investigating how to retain baseball season ticket holders of the San Francisco Giants, to advising the MTN Group on leveraging their FIFA World Cup sponsorship, to developing sales skills workshops with the Los Angeles Clippers, Michael has worked with students, managers and clients to enhance their abilities to acquire, grow and retain profitable customers.

In addition to teaching in University of San Francisco’s Sport Management master’s program, Michael also holds an adjunct faculty role with the Gordon Institute of Business Science in Johannesburg, facilitates the BrandQuad series of workshops in Kenya, and is the editor-in-chief of Emerald Publishing’s Emerging Markets Case Studies.

President, North American Case Research Association
Board member, Case Research Foundation
Gordon Institute of Business Science, DBA, 2014
Gordon Institute of Business Science, MBA, 2005
Senior Lecturer, Marketing, University of Pretoria's Gordon Institute of Business Science
Sport fan and consumer behavior
Athlete, team or event sponsorship
Sport sales and demand generation
Sport marketing strategy
Sport marketing
Case research
Selected Publications

Goldman, M. M., Brown, B., & Schwarz, E. (forthcoming). Collaborative Consumption Sport Hosting: Value and Consumption Constraints. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship. DOI: 10.1108/IJSMS-10-2020-0183.

Goldman, M. M., & Hedlund, D. P. (2020). Rebooting Content: Broadcasting Sport & Esports to Homes During COVID-19. International Journal of Sport Communication, 13(3), 370-380.

Goldman, M. M., Ballesteros-Sola, M., & Wilson-Prangley, A. (2020). Scaling Columba Leadership’s Impact [Case Study]. Case Research Journal, 40(4).

Goldman, M. M., Shah, G., Agha, N., & Esguerra, F. (2020). Warriors Gaming Squad: A marketing slam dunk or a long shot? (Case reference 9B20A076). London, Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Goldman, M. M., Rosales Zavaleta, R. A., San Martin Castillo, G. A., & Read, S. (2020). Team Peru Olympic Decision-Making during COVID-19. In P. M. Pedersen, B. J. Ruihley, & B. Li (Eds.), Sport and the pandemic: Perspectives on Covid-19’s impact on the sport industry (pp. TBD). London: Routledge.

Awards & Distinctions

Visiting Professorship distinction from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, Lima, Peru, 2020

Best Case: Silver award from the North American Case Research Association conference for the case, “Scaling Columba Leadership’s impact”, 2019

Sarlo Prize Award, recognizing excellence in teaching based on the moral values that lie at the foundation of USF’s identity, 2017

Best Case - Bronze at the North American Case Research Association conference for Super Bowl 50 case study, 2017

Recipient of a Paul R. Lawrence Fellowship from the Case Research Foundation, 2015