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Mel Chua

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Pressed for a short job description, Mel might say she's a midwife of makers. She has also been called an engineer (of the electrical, computer, and software varieties), community manager, writer, teacher (primarily at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty-development levels). Mel loves to write, teach, draw research comics, dance, move, and make things. Her quest is to make a world where makers make themselves, and she's particularly intrigued with the space between how hackers learn and how engineers are taught. Transforming academic culture is a challenge Mel has chosen to tackle because of its great power to influence growth and access for changemakers of all sorts.

Research Areas

  • Engineering education cultures
  • Learning in Open Source communities


  • Purdue University, PhD in Engineering Education, in progress
  • Olin College, BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007

Prior Experience

  • Research Scientist in Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, RIT
  • Collaboratory Fellow, Olin College