Mahesh Chaudhari headshot cropped

Mahesh Chaudhari

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty
101 Howard, Room 524


Mahesh Chaudhari is an assistant professor in the MS in Data Science program at the University of San Francisco. His research interests include databases, data engineering and cloud computing. Prior to joining USF, Dr. Chaudhari has 11 years of industry experience in managing and leading teams for building autonomous data infrastructure in hybrid cloud environments. He is passionate about data and extracting meaningful information from data. Outside of his research and work, he is interested in trail running and exploring various styles of photography.


  • Data engineering
  • Cloud computing
  • Building autonomous data processing infrastructure

Research Areas

  • Big data
  • Enterprise integration
  • Cloud computing
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Multiple query optimization
  • Events and stream processing


  • Arizona State University, PhD in Computer Science, 2011
  • Mississippi State University, MS in Computer Science 2003
  • University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India, BE in Computer Science and Engineering, 1999

Prior Experience

  • Principal Software Engineer, TransUnion
  • Chief Architect, Zephyr Health Inc.

Awards & Distinctions

  • 2nd International Conference of GraphConnect, Graphies Award, “The Most Innovative Graph Application in Healthcare” (2013)

Selected Publications

  • Mahesh B. Chaudhari and Suzanne W. Dietrich, Detecting Common Subexpressions for Multiple Query Optimization over Loosely-Coupled Heterogeneous Data Sources, Journal of Distributed and Parallel Databases, 34, 2, June 2016, pp. 119-143.
  • Mahesh B. Chaudhari, Suzanne W. Dietrich, Jennifer Ortiz, and Spencer Pearson, Towards A Hybrid Relational and XML Benchmark for Loosely-Coupled Distributed Data Sources, Journal of Systems and Software, 109, C, November 2015, pp. 78-87.
  • Jennifer Ortiz, Suzanne W. Dietrich, and Mahesh B. Chaudhari, Learning from Database Performance Benchmarks, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 27, 4, (April 2012), 151-158 (Proceedings of Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, Southwestern Region, Stockton, CA, March 2012).
  • Mahesh B. Chaudhari, A Distributed Event Stream Processing Framework for Materialized Views over Heterogeneous Data Sources, Very Large Data Bases 2010 Ph.D. Workshop, Singapore, September 13-17, 2010.
  • Mahesh B. Chaudhari and Suzanne W. Dietrich, Metadata Services for Distributed Event Stream Processing Agents, 19th International Conference on Software Engineering and Data Engineering (SEDE2010), San Francisco, June 16-18, 2010, pp. 307-312.