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Lauren Sassoubre

Associate Professor

Department Chair
Full-Time Faculty


Lauren Sassoubre holds a PhD and MS in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University and an MS in Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Her research focuses on environmental waters along urbanized coastlines and how we can use molecular (DNA-based) techniques to better understand the sources and fate of coastal microbial pollution and improve monitoring and management of coastal resources such as fisheries. This research has implications for protecting human and environmental health.

Sassoubre grew up in San Francisco and studied urban redevelopment in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood for her senior thesis in sociology at Colby College. When she is not preparing for class or doing research in the laboratory, she is outside hiking with her husband, son and two dogs. Sassoubre serves as the Department Co-Chair of the Engineering Department.


  • (2019-present) Assistant Professor, Engineering, University of San Francisco
  • (2016-2019) Assistant Professor, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University at Buffalo
  • (Spring 2015) Instructor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University
  • (2015-2016) Early Career Fellow, Center for Ocean Solutions, Stanford University
  • (2014-2015) Post-doctoral Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Stanford University


  • Stanford University, PhD in Environmental Engineering (2014)
  • Stanford University, MS in Environmental Engineering (2008)
  • CSU Monterey Bay, MS in Marine Science
  • Colby College, BA, Sociology

Selected Publications

  • Sassoubre, L.M., Yamahara, K.M., Gardner, L.D., Block, B.A., Boehm, A.B. 2016. Environmental DNA (eDNA) shedding and decay rates of three marine fish. Environmental Science & Technology, 50(19), 10456-10464.

  • Sansom, B.J. and Sassoubre, L.M. 2017. Environmental DNA (eDNA) shedding and decay rates to model freshwater mussel eDNA transport in a river. Environmental Science & Technology, 51(24).

  • Sassoubre, L.M., Yamahara, K.M., Boehm, A.B. 2015. Temporal stability of the microbial community in sewage-polluted seawater exposed to natural sunlight cycles and marine microbiota. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81, 2107-2116.

  • Mattioli, M.C., Sassoubre, L.M., Russell, T.L., Boehm. A.B. 2017. Decay of sewage-sourced microbial source tracking markers and fecal indicator bacteria in marine waters. Water Research, 108, 106-114.

  • Sassoubre, L.M., Walters, S.P., Russell, T.L., Boehm, A.B. 2011. Sources and fate of Salmonella and fecal indicator bacteria in an urban stream. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 13 (8), 2206-2212.


  • Research Scientist for the Center for Great Lakes Literacy Teacher Cruise aboard the R/V Lake Guardian (July 9-15, 2018)