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Kevin M. Chun, PhD, is professor of psychology and co-founding faculty member of USF’s Asian American Studies and Critical Diversity Studies programs. Professor Chun uses community-based research methods to study acculturation effects on Asian American immigrant health and psychosocial adjustment. His research program aims to improve acculturation theory and measures, and develop health interventions that reduce immigrant families’ acculturation stress.

Prof. Chun was co-principal investigator on two large-scale National Institutes of Health R01 research grants involving USF, UCSF, Cameron House, and North East Medical Services in San Francisco Chinatown. The first project identified cultural issues in type 2 diabetes management for Chinese Americans and the second one culturally-adapted and tested the first cognitive-behavioral type 2 diabetes management intervention in the nation for Chinese American immigrants. Based on these studies, Chun and his colleagues developed a new self-report measure of bicultural efficacy in health management (BEFF-HM), which is a better predictor of several immigrant health outcomes than widely used proxy and general acculturation measures.

Professor Chun and his USF colleagues recently published Multicultural Psychology (2nd edition), a textbook for multicultural psychology courses and other psychology, social science, and health courses examining cultural diversity issues.

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
BS, Psychology, Santa Clara University
Psychology Internship at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System
bicultural efficacy in health management
immigrant health disparities
Asian American psychology
multicultural psychology
ethnic minority mental health
family psychology
Selected Publications

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Awards & Distinctions

USF College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Scholar Award (2017-18)

Featured in the "Ethnicity and Health in America Series" by the American Psychological Association, Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (2013)

Appointed Fellow of the Asian American Psychological Association for "unusual
and outstanding contributions to the field" (2011)

USF Office of Multicultural Services Faculty Award (2007)

Early Career Award for Distinguished Contributions from the Asian American Psychological Association (2005)

USF Ignatian Service Award (2004)

USF Irvine Scholar Fellowship (1995)