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Kendon Kurzer

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty
Sacramento Campus


Kendon teaches rhetoric to nursing students at the Sacramento Campus part time. He also teaches writing full time at UC Davis, and teaches second-language acquisition theories and pedagogies classes part time at Sac State. His primary research interests are second-language writing and writing across the curriculum (WAC).


  • Writing Across the Curriculum Consultant, University Writing Program, UC Davis (newly appointed)
  • Assistant Director of Entry Level Writing, University Writing Program, UC Davis (2018-present)


  • Ph.D. in Education (with an emphasis in Rhetoric, Writing, & Composition Studies)
  • MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • BA in Linguistics

Awards & Distinctions

  • Council of Writing Program Administrators Graduate Organization Merit Award, $100, for the presentations Writing in Economics: A Proposed Framework for Exploring Writing in a Particular Discipline, and Multilingual Writers in Economics Courses.

  • Mentoring Environment Grant (MEG): Primary author while a graduate student (along with Drs. Norman Evans and Neil Anderson) for a MEG totaling $17,515. Proposal entitled “Writing Fellows: Mentoring ESL Students.”

Selected Publications

  • Ferris, D. R. & Kurzer, K. (in print). Does error feedback help L2 writers? Latest evidence on the efficacy of written corrective feedback. In K. Hyland and F. Hyland (Eds.) Feedback in second language writing: Contexts and issues (2nd Ed.). Cambridge University Press.

  • Kurzer, K. (2019). Dynamic written corrective feedback in a community college ESL writing class setting. In S. M. Anwaruddin (Ed.) Knowledge mobilization in TESOL: Connecting research and practice (pp. 59-75). Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.

  • Kurzer, K. (2018). Student perceptions of dynamic written corrective feedback in developmental multilingual writing classes. Journal of Response to Writing, 4(2), 34-68.

  • Kurzer, K. (2018). Dynamic written corrective feedback in developmental ESL writing classes. TESOL Quarterly, 52(1), 5-33. doi: 10.1002/tesq.366

  • Ferris, D. R., Evans, K., & Kurzer, K. (2017). Placement of multilingual writers: Is there a role for directed self-placement? Assessing Writing, 32, 1-11.