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Kelly Bare

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Freelance editor, writer, and communications consultant

Former editor at the New Yorker

Kelly Bare is a Lincoln, Nebraska native currently living in Brooklyn, New York with her two young children. She is a writer and editor with a background in magazines, book publishing, digital media, and strategic communications. She has published two books, helped launch web sites and magazines, and spent almost a decade at The New Yorker, helping the near-century-old magazine become fully digital. In 2014, she joined the team at Bloomberg Politics, her editorial perch for the 2016 presidential election cycle.

A favorite project at the moment is her communications work with The Public Good, a new entity out of Columbia Teachers College. The Public Good studies, supports, and shares stories about racially and socioeconomically integrated public school communities, fostering a national conversation about how we might break persistent cycles of re-segregation, and the role these schools communities could play in the future of our democracy. Her work with schools as a parent and a professional has led her into community organizing, with a focus on bringing people together to work collectively across lines of difference, real or perceived.

She graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 1998 with a joint BSJ/MSJ and a double major in English Literature. She believes that everyone has a powerful story to tell, and that once they find their voice, it can’t help but flow out. She also believes that everybody needs an editor. Oh, and Elmore Leonard named a character after her—true story.

BSJ/MSJ, Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University
Selected Publications

Bare, K. (2013). Making Money: Phone Home. The New Yorker.

Bare, K. (2013). Making Money: Schooling Brooklyn Parents. The New Yorker.

Bare, K. (2010). Nebraska's New Option. The New Yorker.

Bare, K. (2009). For Richer or Poorer. The New Yorker.

Bare, K. (present). The Public Good. Teachers College at Columbia University.