Professor Jeff Curtis

Jeff Curtis

Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus
Harney Science Center 442


Dr. Curtis' areas of interest and research in inorganic chemistry include: optical and thermal electron-transfer processes, redox kinetics and electrolyte effects thereon, solvent-solute interactions and second coordination sphere interactions.

Dr. Curtis has received the University Distinguished Research Award at USF.


Research Areas

  • Optical and thermal electron-transfer processes
  • Redox kinetics and its electrolyte effects
  • Solvent-solute interactions and second coordination sphere interactions


  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Awards & Distinctions

  • University Distinguished Research Award at USF

Selected Publications

  • Noey, E.; Curtis, J.; Tam, S.; Pham, D.M.; Jones, E.F.  "Synthesis and Ligand Exchange Reactions of a Tri-Tungsten Cluster with Applications in Biomedical Imaging." J.Chem.Ed., 2011, 88,793-797.
  • Curtis, J.C.; Inagaki, M.; Chun S.J.; Eshkandari, V.; Luo, X.; Pan, Z.N.; Sankararaman, U.; Pengra, G.; Zhou, J.; Hailey, P.; Laurent, J.; Utalan, D. "Non-Innocent Electrolyte Effects on Bimolecular Pseudo-Self-Exchange Reactions of Ruthenium Ammine Complexes: Evidence for Electron-Transfer Catalysis in H-Bonded Ternary Assemblies." Chem.Phys., 2006, 326, 43-53.