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Heiko Lemke

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Heiko Lemke was educated at the University of Giessen, Germany. His focus there and at the Jülich Research Center was applied physics and scientific instrumentation for scanning tunneling and magnetic force microscopy. His PhD studies led him to research thin magnetic films of the ternary Nd2Fe14B alloy and their application in micro-technology. He continued researching aspects of his PhD subject as a post-doc at UC Berkeley.

His venture into private industry was as the lead engineer in a multidisciplinary R&D project in Switzerland. He then went into sales engineering in the U.S. He currently works with West Coast electronics companies on projects that use advanced magnetic alloys and inductive cores and components.


  • Applied physics

Research Areas

  • Magnetism
  • Solid state physics
  • Instrumentation


  • University of Giessen, Germany, PhD, Applied Physics, 1994
  • University of Giessen, Germany, Diploma, Applied Physics, 1990