Gennifer (Genna) Smith received her BS in electrical engineering with a double major in biology from the University of New Mexico. While pursuing her BS, Gennifer conducted research at Sandia National Laboratories where she worked on a point-of-care device for tuberculosis detection. She then continued to research low-cost medical devices as part of her PhD in electrical engineering at Stanford University. In particular, she developed a portable urinalysis device capable of analyzing the chemical and cellular makeup of a sample, which can be done by untrained personnel. Her postdoctoral research, also at Stanford University, focuses on assay development for cell-free DNA testing. In particular, she is designing a blood-based test for early detection of atherosclerosis.

As a teacher, her main goals are to arm students with field-specific technical knowledge, promote intellectual curiosity, enhance students’ critical inquiry, and encourage community involvement. Her teaching style is heavily influenced by the quote, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University
PhD, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
MS, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
BS, Electrical Engineering, Biology, University of New Mexico
Selected Publications

Smith, G.T., Li, L., Zhu, Y., and A.K. Bowden, “Low-power, low-cost urinalysis system with integrated dipstick evaluation and microscopic analysis.” Lab on a Chip 18, 2111-2123 (2018).

Smith, G.T., Dwork, N., Khan, S.A., Millet, M., Magar, K., Javanmard, M., and A.K. Ellerbee Bowden, “Robust dipstick urinalysis using a low-cost, micro-volume manifold.” Lab on a Chip 16(11), 2069-2078 (2016).

Smith, G.T., Lurie, K.L., Zlatev, D.V, Liao, J.C, and A.K. Ellerbee Bowden, “Multimodal 3D cancer-mimicking optical phantom.” Biomedical Optics Express 7(2), 648-662 (2016).

*Smith, G.T., *Dwork, N., O’Connor, D., Uzair, S., Lurie, K.L., Pauly, J., and A.K. Ellerbee, “Automated, depth-resolved estimation of the attenuation coefficient from optical coherence tomography data.” IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 34(12), 2592-2602 (2015).

*Dwork N., *Smith. G.T., Leng, T., Pauly, J.M., and A.K. Bowden, “Automatically Determining the Confocal Parameters from OCT B-Scans for Quantification of the Attenuation Coefficients.” IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 38(1), 261-268 (2019).

* co- first author

Awards & Distinctions

T32: The Multi-Disciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular Imaging Postdoctoral Fellowship (NIH)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship