Genevieve Leung

Genevieve Leung

Associate Professor

Program Director • Full-Time Faculty • Academic Director

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Genevieve Leung is the director of Asian Pacific American Studies and affiliated faculty in the Asian Pacific Studies MA program. She has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and dual MA degrees in Linguistics (TESOL) and Education (Language and Literacy) from UC Davis. She received her PhD in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught high school English in Japan, as well as English writing, effective communication, reading and vocabulary courses at Stanford University. She was the co-instructor of the TESOL Workshop at the University of Pennsylvania, training novice ESL teachers in the fundamentals of TESOL. Genevieve is also very interested in heritage language maintenance, particularly of Chinese Americans of Cantonese and Toisanese/Hoisan-wa language backgrounds.

Program Director, Asian Pacific American Studies
Program Director, Critical Diversity Studies
PhD, Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
MA, Linguistics and Education, University of California, Davis
BA, Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley
Heritage Language and Cultural Maintenance
Varieties of Cantonese
Chinese American History
Selected Publications

Uchikoshi, Y., Yang, L., Lohr, B. & Leung, G. (2016). "Role of Oral Proficiency on Reading Comprehension: Within-Language and Cross-Language Relationships." Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice.

Ho, E., Lancette, C. & Leung, G. (2015). “'Using Chinese Medicine in a Western Way': Negotiating Integrative Chinese Medicine Yreatment for Type 2 Diabetes." Communication and Medicine, 12(1).

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Leung, G. (2015). "'Watching Television' or 'Looking at Pictures': Chinese American Elders Encountering Historical Displacement, Orders of Indexicality, and Linguistic Modernities." Journal of Chinese Overseas, 11(3).

Leung, G. (2014). "Hoisan-wa in Jest: Humor, Laughter, and the Construction of Counter-Hegemonic Affect in Contemporary Chinese American Language Maintenance." International Journal of Humor Research, 27(2).

Leung, G. (2013). "Domain Analysis of Contemporary Chinese American Language Use in Northern California: Some Implications for Minoritized Chinese Languages in the U.S." Working Papers of the Linguistics Circle, 23(1).

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Wu, M.-H., Lee, K. & Leung, G. (2013). "Heritage Language Education and Investment Among Asian American Middle Schoolers: Insights from a Charter School." Language and Education, 28(1).

Leung, G. & Uchikoshi, Y. (2012). "Relationships Among Language Ideologies, Family Language Policies, and Children's Language Achievement: A Look at Cantonese-English Bilinguals in the U.S." Bilingual Research Journal, 35.

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Leung, G. (2011). "Counterhegemonic Discourses and Shifting Language Ideologies of Hoisan-wa on the Internet." Journal of Chinese Overseas, 7.

Collaborations with USF Students (indicated with an asterisk):

Tan, D.* & Leung, G. (2013). "Review of 'Paradigm Shift in Language Planning and Policy: Game-Theoretic Solutions,' by Ettien Koffi." Current Issues in Language Planning.

Leung, G. & Yang, Y.* (2013). "Review of 'English Language Education across Greater China,' by Anwei Feng (Ed.)." World Englishes, 32(3).

Awards & Distinctions

Association for Asian American Studies International Exchange Delegate (2016)

Bilingual Research Journal Early Career Reviewer Award (2016)

Language Learning Small Grant (2015)

University of Western Australia Perth USAsia Centre Scholarship (2014)

Russ Campbell Young Scholar Award in Heritage Language Education (2014)