Genevieve Leung

Genevieve Leung

Associate Professor

Program Director • Full-Time Faculty • Academic Director

(415) 422-6674 Kalmanovitz Hall 246


Genevieve Leung is the academic director of the Asian Pacific Studies MA program and director of the Asian Pacific American Studies minor. She has a BA in linguistics from UC Berkeley and dual MA degrees in linguistics (TESOL) and education (Language and Literacy) from UC Davis. She received her PhD in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught high school English in Japan, as well as English writing, effective communication, and reading and vocabulary courses at Stanford University. She was the co-instructor of the TESOL Workshop at the University of Pennsylvania, training novice ESL teachers in the fundamentals of TESOL. Genevieve is also very interested in heritage language maintenance, particularly of Chinese Americans of Cantonese and Toisanese/Hoisan-wa language backgrounds.

Program Director, Asian Pacific American Studies
Academic Director, Asia Pacific Studies
University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics
UC Davis, MA in Education
UC Davis, MA in Linguistics
UC Berkeley, BA in Linguistics
Cantonese language and cultural maintenance
Bi/multilingual language acquisition
Language and humor
Language and identity
Heritage language pedagogy
Selected Publications

Wu, M.-H., & Leung, G. (2020). “It’s not my Chinese”: A teacher and her students disrupting and dismantling conventional notions of “Chinese” through translanguaging in a heritage language classroom. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.

Wu, M.-H., Leung, G., Yang, J.-K., Hsieh, I. H., & Lin, K. H.-W. (2020). "A different story to share": Asian American English Teachers in Taiwan and idealized “nativeness” in ELT. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

Ho, E. Y., Fung, E., & Leung, G. (2020). Skimming the scum: Hygienic modernity in Chinese American intergenerational soup-making. Journal of the French Society for Communication and Informational Research Special Issue on Generation(s) & Health.

Leung, G., Uchikoshi, Y., & Tong, R. (2018). “Learning Cantonese will help us”: Elementary school students’ perceptions of Cantonese-English dual language education. Bilingual Research Journal, 41(3).

Asterisk indicates collaboration with USF students

Leung, G., Ho, E. Y., Chi, H.-L., Huang, S.*, Ting, I.*, Chan, D.*, Chen, Y.*, Zhang, H., Pritzker, S. E., Hsieh, E., & Seligman, H. K. (2018). “We (Tong) Chinese”: Contemporary identity positioning through health management among Cantonese Chinese Americans. Journal of Intercultural and International Communication, 11(4).

Leung, G., & Chen, M.* (2018). ABC and Hong Kong superstar: MC Jin and contemporary Cantonese heritage language and identity. Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 41(3).

Awards & Distinctions

ICCS-NCTU/IICS-UST Short Term Visiting Scholar, National Chiao-Tung University, 2018

Foundation for Scholarly Exchange/Fulbright Teacher Training Award (Taiwan), 2017-2018

Association for Asian American Studies International Exchange Delegate, 2016

Language Learning Small Grant, 2015

Russ Campbell Young Scholar Award in Heritage Language Education, 2014