Diane Negrìn

Diana Negrín

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Diana Negrín is a geographer, writer, and curator with a focus on identity, space, and social movements in Latin America and the United States. Her scholarship engages human and cultural geography, critical race theory, cultural studies, political ecology, and urban studies.

Professor Negrín has taught various classes and advised students in USF's Migration Studies and Urban and Public Affairs programs since 2013.


  • Critical Human Geography
  • Indigenous Studies and Decolonial theory
  • Political Ecology
  • Art and Cultural Studies

Research Areas

  • Cultural Geography
  • Migration
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Latin America
  • Cities


  • Board of Directors, Wixarika Research Center
  • Advisory Board, Masters in Urban and Public Affairs, University of San Francisco
  • Advisory Board, Otros Saberes, Latin American Studies Association


  • UC Berkeley, PhD in Geography, 2014
  • UC Berkeley, BA in Latin American Studies and Literature, 2004

Prior Experience

  • President, Board of Directors, Wixárika Research Center
  • Adjunct Professor in Urban and Public Affairs and Migration Studies, University of San Francisco
  • Lecturer, Geography and Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley
  • Postdoctoral scholar, Centro de Investigación y Estudios en Antropología Superior, Mexico

Selected Publications

    • Racial Alterity, Wixarika Youth Activists and the Right to the Mexican City (University of Arizona Press, 2019)
    • Grandes Maestros del Arte Wixarika: Acervo Negrín (Secretaría de Cultura Jalisco, Wixarika Research Center, 2019)
    • The People's Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area (UC Press 2020)
    • It is Loved and Defended: Critical Solidarity Across Race and Space (Antipode 2018)