Dalit Gvirtsman was born and raised in Israel, where she studied at Tel Aviv University and received her BA in general and interdisciplinary studies in the faculty of humanities. She has been an educator and a Hebrew language instructor in the Bay Area for the past 19 years, and developed curriculum for advanced Hebrew learners at Jewish Day Schools grades K-8, as well as for high school students and adult learners. 

Dalit has been teaching in the Hebrew San Francisco Ulpan at USF since 2016. Her primary interests besides promoting and implementing Hebrew programs are content writing, group facilitating, and leading Hebrew cooking classes at numerous venues, including Stanford University, Jewish Community High School, and the World Zionist Organization - Department for Diaspora Activities.


  • Hebrew Instruction
  • Hebrew Cooking Classes
  • Develop Hebrew Curriculum
  • Content Writing
  • Group Facilitating


  • Tel Aviv University, BA in General and Interdisciplinary Studies, 1993

Prior Experience

  • Hebrew Instructor in the Hebrew San Francisco Ulpan at USF