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Claire Castro


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After receiving her bachelor's in botany from UC Berkeley in 1982, Claire Castro loafed around the East Bay working in used book and record stores and going to a lot of punk/alternative music shows. After several years of selling, stocking, reading a gazillion books and seeing the Dead Kennedys and Flipper one too many times, Claire realized she missed science-chemistry in particular. She ventured southward to UCLA and in 1993, received her PhD in organic synthesis under Professor Michael E. Jung. Her dissertation work on the synthesis of nucleoside analogs earned her the prestigious Saul Winstein Dissertation Year Award. After a short stint as a lecturer and post-doctoral scholar at UCLA, Claire returned to the Bay Area by joining the faculty at USF in 1994.

At USF, Claire teaches in the organic chemistry curriculum. Her enthusiasm and effectiveness in teaching resulted in her being the recipient of the 1999-2000 USF Distinguished Teaching Award.

Her research focuses on using computational tools to solve organic chemistry problems. She and her collaborator/husband were co-recipients of the 2006-2007 USF Distinguished Research Award for their recent contributions to fields of Möbius aromaticity and dynamic processes in annulenes. Their research program involves working with undergraduate students and is supported by the National Science Foundation and the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

Castro Lab

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
Selected Publications

[USF undergraduate students in bold]

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Awards & Distinctions

Saul Winstein Dissertation Year Award

1999-2000 USF Distinguished Teaching Award

2006-2007 USF Distinguished Research Award