Prof. Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

Christina Tzagarakis-Foster

Assistant Dean for Space and Facilities

Assistant Dean
Full-Time Faculty
Harney Science Center 231


Professor Tzagarakis-Foster's research has focused on Nuclear Hormone Receptors, a large family of eukaryotic transcription factors that play key roles in a diverse array of physiological and developmental processes.  During her graduate studies, she studied an oncogenic form of Thyroid Hormone receptor and its role in transcriptional regulation.  As a postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Tzagarakis-Foster studied Estrogen Receptors and their role in breast cancer.  At USF, she studies the orphan receptor, DAX-1, which is linked to the human diseases X-linked Adrenal Hypoplasia Congenita (AHC) and Dosage Sensitive Sex Reversal (DSS). Specifically, her research explores the role of DAX-1 in human development as well its involvement gene expression in human breast cancer.


  • Cancer biology
  • Endocrinology
  • Cell and molecular biology

Research Areas

  • Transcription factor DAX-1; its role in human development as well its involvement in the initiation of breast cancer


  • Associate Dean for the Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences


  • UC Davis, PhD in Microbiology, 1999
  • University of San Francisco, BS in Biology, 1990

Prior Experience

  • Adjunct Professor in Biology, Dominican University of California
  • Adjunct Professor in Microbiology, San Francisco State University
  • Post-doctoral Fellow in Reproductive Endocrinology, UC San Francisco