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Benjamin Okenwa

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Benjamin is an educator, landscape architectural designer and researcher whose research includes built environment and public health implications with a focus on urban open spaces, computation and behavioral factors. Benjamin’s research critically examines salutogenic responses to the built environment through the lens of design, with an objective to investigate design strategies that respond to contemporary social and behavioral lifestyles as well, promote physical activities in urban environments. He has professional experience working as a project design Architect in Nigeria and as a Landscape Architectural designer California.


  • Built environment research
  • Urban open spaces
  • Physical activity
  • Designed outdoor spaces

Research Areas

  • Built environment
  • Urban design
  • Health
  • Computation


  • Clemson University, MLA in Landscape Architecture, 2020
  • Covenant University, BSc. in Architecture, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Okenwa B., 2022. A Computational Approach to Siting Spaces that Promote Physical Activities in Urban Environments. Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture.
  • Okenwa B., Nassar H. 2021. Investigating smart neighborhood design for physical activity; A case study of South Atlanta neighborhood, Georgia.