Aman Khachiyan

Arman Khachiyan

Assistant Professor

Full-Time Faculty


Professor Khachiyan studies the populations most exposed to aggregate industrial transitions, such as climate adaptation and automation. He uses data science methods, unconventional data sources, and leading methods in causal identification to inform current policy issues within these topics. Arman teaches in both the Undergraduate and Master's  Economics programs on topics including microeconomic principles, applied econometrics, and spatial economics.

Beyond academia, Arman has worked in the federal government to study how policy should respond to employment dynamics. He has also developed an appreciation for the variety of applications of economics through professional roles in non-profit and tech organizations.

Research Areas

  • Labor Economics
  • Urban/Spatial Economics
  • Environmental Economics


  • UC San Diego, PhD in Economics, 2022
  • UC Berkeley, BA in Economics, 2013