Aleksandra Dimitrijevic Stamenov received her B.S. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia. For her thesis work she investigated activity and stability of microbial enzymes and their application in non aqueous catalysis. After graduate school she first completed a short training in proteomics and MALDI imaging mass spectrometry at INRA-Angers-Nantes Centre, France and then joined the lab of Dr. Dana Aswad at UC Irvine, for her postdoctoral work, where she studied protein aging and repair in mouse brain. She served as a lecturer at UC Merced from 2017-2021 where she taught Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

At USF, Aleksandra teaches General Chemistry and Biochemistry. Her research interests include aging and repair of microbial proteins as well as chemistry and biochemistry education research.

Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia, PhD, 2011
Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade, Serbia, BS, 2008
Lecturer, School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, UC Irvine
Visiting Scientist, INRA-Angers-Nantes Centre, France
Posttranslational modifications, aging and repair of microbial proteins
Enzymatic synthesis of potential therapeutics in non-aqueous environments
Chemistry and biochemistry education
Selected Publications

Dimitrijevic, A., Qin, Z., Aswad, D.W., Isoaspartyl Formation in Creatine Kinase B is Associated with Loss of Enzymatic Activity; Implications for the Linkage of Isoaspartate Accumulation and Neurological Dysfunction in the PIMT Knockout Mouse, PlosOne 9(6) (2014) e100622.

Dimitrijević, A., Veličković, D., Bihelović, F., Bezbradica, D., Jankov, R., Milosavić, N., One-step, inexpensive and high yield strategy for Candida antarctica lipase A isolation using hydroxyapatite, Bioresource Technology, 107 (2012) 358-362.

Dimitrijević, A., Veličković, D., Rikalović, M., Avramović, N., Milosavić, N., Jankov, R., Karadžić, I., Simultaneous production of exopolysaccharide and lipase from extremophylic Pseudomonas aeruginosa san-ai strain: a novel approach for lipase immobilization and purification, Carbohydrate Polymers, 83 (2011) 1397– 1401.