Aaron White

Aaron White

Adjunct Professor

Part-Time Faculty


Aaron White is an adjunct professor focusing on science education and outreach, with specialties in physics and astronomy. He’s worked as a science communicator at several museums, produced and hosted science videos for Youtube, been a panelist at Comicon, and done science advising for video games. 

His graduate thesis investigated new approaches for teaching undergraduates cosmology, and how to integrate multimedia tools into instruction. Previous projects involved refining our understanding of planets outside the solar system, identifying distant galaxies, and tracking orbital debris high above Earth's atmosphere.


  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Science Communication

Research Areas

  • Astronomy education
  • Extrasolar planets


  • San Francisco State, MS in Physics (Astronomy), 2019
  • University of Michigan, BS in Astrophysics, 2011

Prior Experience

  • Adjunct Instructor of Physics and Astronomy, San Francisco State
  • Science Communicator, California Academy of Sciences
  • Chief of Operations, Veritasium