Required Tests and Scores

Test Center Closures and Bank Statements - Instructions for Applicants

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The USF school codes are 4850 for GRE (Graduate Record Exam) and 91M-3X-08 for GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). The GRE-at-home test is accepted in addition to the GRE test center exam. The GMAT online exam is accepted in addition to the GMAT test center exam. For programs requiring the GRE or GMAT, you may contact your program's Graduate Director for further advice.

If your program does not require the GRE, you may still submit the score report if you choose to do so.

English Language Exam – Minimums

International applicants must request that their testing agency send an official test score to USF. The TOEFL school code for USF is 4850. IELTS and PTE do not require a school code.

Applied Economics No 79 6.5 53 115
Asia Pacific Studies No 90 6.5 61 115
Biology GRE 100 7.0 65 115
Biotechnology GRE or MCAT 90 6.5 61 115
Chemistry GRE 90 6.5 61 115
Computer Science GRE 79 6.5 53 115
Computer Science Bridge No 79 6.5 53 115
Data Science GRE or GMAT 90 6.5 61 115
Energy Systems Management No 90 6.5 61 115
Environmental Management No 90 6.5 61 115
International and Development Economics No 79 6.5 53 115
International Studies No 90 6.5 61 115
Migration Studies No 90 6.5 61 115
Museum Studies No 90 6.5 61 115
Professional Communications No 90 6.5 61 115
Public Leadership No 100 7.0 65 115
Sport Management No 79 6.5 53 115
Urban and Public Affairs No 100 7.0 65 115
Writing No 100 7.0 65 115

TOEFL iBT section scores for Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing must be 17 or higher, unless an individual graduate program grants an exception.

In addition, Economics, International and Development Economics, International Studies, Sport Management and other programs require that students with scores between 79 and 100 on the TOEFL iBT and under 7.0 on the IELTS complete an AEM Graduate Writing/Speaking course at USF in the first semester. This information is included in the admission letter.

English Language Exam Exceptions

There are two possibilities for an English Language exam exception: either an Exemption or a Program Waiver.


Applicants are granted an exemption from the English Language Exam requirement if they satisfy one of the following:


Complete a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's Degree or one year or more of studies in a degree program in English at a higher education institution in the U.S. or one of the exempted countries.


If you complete a bachelor's or a master's degree at an institution where the institution's medium of instruction is English and is not in the exempted countries list, please contact your program to request a program waiver before submitting your application.


Each graduate program determines exceptions for a program waiver of the English Language Exam requirement.

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