Law alumni standing in Financial District.

Two Paths To Make Government Work For The People

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Learn to formulate policy or train to be a public leader at USF.

MA in Urban & Public Affairs

Formulate policy and initiatives to create more vibrant and just communities.

  • Hands-on experience in community-based research, policy design, and policy analysis.
  • Internships will give you a network of professional contacts.
  • Distinguished Faculty allow you to learn from both academics and professionals in the field.

Every day is an opportunity to organize and strengthen community power."

— David Woo ‘17, Community Organizer and Policy Advocate

Master of Public Administration

Transform learning into public leadership that serve communities, especially the most vulnerable, in just 21 months.

  • Ranked in the top 20% of MPA programs in the US.
  • Applied leadership coursework focuses on efficient management of public roles.
  • Connect with Alumni employed in leadership positions at all levels of government and nonprofits.

What I appreciate about my education is that it’s allowed me to be confident in my abilities.”

— London Breed ’13, SF Mayor