The online MS in Management (MIM) is an innovative degree made for aspiring executives and visionaries who want to champion social good alongside organizational success.

Through a combination of on-demand courses, live classes, and client-facing projects, you will learn foundational management concepts while also developing your ability to lead teams and organizations through times of rapid change.

This online master’s in management degree reflects San Francisco’s innovative spirit by emphasizing sustainable business solutions. Our students also benefit from the expertise of leading companies right in our own backyard.

Learn From Innovators Redefining What It Means To Be a Leader

Our MIM program features established leaders who have implemented sustainability initiatives, navigated regulatory changes, and implemented integrated financial accountability, among other challenging leadership initiatives. USF’s faculty bring this real-world experience directly into their classes so that you can turn their expertise into your own career success.

True to USF’s collaborative spirit, you’ll have the opportunity to forge strong professional relationships with these professors, who are eager to share their knowledge and provide career mentorship.

Get Personalized Support as You Grow Your Management Career

As a USF student, you will benefit from dedicated career mentoring, in addition to networking events, direct access to career advisors, and a global job portal.

The University of San Francisco and the Masagung Graduate School of Management offer career-oriented opportunities to get involved with companies and enterprises known around the world, including Google, Salesforce, Cisco, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Accenture, DocuSign, and more.

After you graduate, this support is a lifelong resource: you’ll have continuous access to our extensive professional network and ongoing career development opportunities.

Add Accomplishments to Your Résumé Through Project-Based Learning

We emphasize practical learning in partnership with companies and organizations. Past opportunities have included serving as consultants, drawing up strategic plans, completing comparative analysis, and proposing financial or technological solutions to real organizations.

All students also complete a two-course capstone that results in a full business plan, plus a presentation to a panel of experts.

The rapid advancement of technology and artificial intelligence presents new opportunities for sustainable practices, making these competencies critical for future leaders. This educational path aligns with the urgent need to address environmental challenges and societal shifts, equipping graduates with the skills to innovate and lead businesses toward sustainable development and competitive advantage.