The University of San Francisco: One Card
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So Many Uses, Just One Card

The USF One Card Office administers USF's One Card Program. Our objectives are to provide a centralized means for you to access several key University services, and to provide a convenient way for you to conduct your on-campus business.

News For You

New GET App for Quick and Convenient Don Dollar Deposits: Students - try the new GET App for easy Don Dollar deposits straight from your mobile device! Search: GET Mobile cbord in the app store, select the University of San Francisco from the menu before logging in. Use the convenient app to make deposits, add deposit preferences, and mark your card lost or found with the quick touch of your screen!

USF Recognized as a"Forward-Looking" Campus for Its NFC Project: In their July eNewsletter, CBORD Group, Inc. acknowledged  the successful roll-out of near field communication (NFC)-technology for door access and laundry payments at USF. The project's pilot phase was recently completed in Fromm Residence Hall and installation of the technology at other buildings is underway. According to Max Steinhardt, president of CBORD, “We really enjoy partnering with forward-looking campus environments like the one at the University of San Francisco." He went on to say that “The USF pilot, and now this roll-out of NFC technology, means better benefits for students and system users, while at the same time fully supporting the integrity and manageability of campus security.”

Photo Upload Now Available: By popular request, the One Card Office now is offering Photo Upload to the entire USF community. Submit a photo of your choosing for your USF One Card.

One Card Director Earns CBORD Accolade: In 2009, CBORD Group, Inc. awarded Jason Rossi, Director of One Card and Campus Security Systems with their Above and Beyond Award for "exemplary service" to both USF and the CBORD user community.