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Faculty Profiles

Every faculty member should have a faculty profile web page. Profile pages are then organized and displayed as faculty lists within a school/college faculty page or by department(s). Below you will find resources to assist with setting up a faculty profile.

Resources For Faculty

To get started, you need to fill out this form to request access to update your faculty profile web page. Web Services will set up your permission and you can then edit your profile or create a new one. You can view a good example of a completely filled out faculty profile or a listing of all USF faculty profiles.

Resources For Web Administrators

If you want to quickly search and view existing faculty profiles, this is a list of all USF faculty profiles. There is another list that displays all the faculty profiles and the links open directly to the faculty profile form to allow for quickly editing profiles. Each faculty profile page automatically has a pretty alias created that incorporates the school and name like this:

Faculty List Templates

There are various options for displaying the faculty lists within a page. Mouse-over the thumbnail to see the template view.

Faculty Brief Template 


The faculty "brief" displays the faculty's image, name, title, telephone number, email and a brief summary.

Faculty Briefer Template 


The faculty "briefer" displays the faculty's name, title, telephone number, email and a brief summary. Image is not included.

Faculty Briefest Template 


The faculty "briefest" displays only the faculty's name, title, telephone number, email. Image and brief summary are not included.


Add custom content area

Faculty list pages can display a combination of faculty profiles and custom content areas. The department chair and staff lists on the Chemistry Department Faculty Page is an open content area that can be used for any custom content.


School/College faculty page

The school faculty page can have a "quick access" search box, listing by department, and alphabetical listing.  Pages can also be created to list only full-time, part-time or emeriti faculty.