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Digital Signage Locations

Below is a list of all the active digital signage screens at the University of San Francisco, main and branch campuses.

There are many television screens around campus which are not part of the USF digital signage system. Some are hooked up only to a cable TV feed while some others are hooked up locally to a computer presenting slideshows of images or flyers. USF digital signage screens are those hooked into the Cisco digital signage network, and can be identified by their framing template that has University of San Francisco branding. Read more here on how to request a new digital sign or connect a current flat screen into the signage system.

USF Main Campus

Cowell 1st floor (1)
Kalmanovitz 1st floor (2)
Kalmanovitz 2nd floor (2)
Kalmanovitz 3rd floor (2)
Kalmanovitz basement (1)
Lone Mountain Main, Admission Reception — coming soon
Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, ITS Reception (1)
McLaren 1st floor (1)
UC 3rd Floor, Parina Lounge (1)
UC 3rd Floor, CASA Reception (1)
UC 4th Floor (5)
UC 5th Floor (5)

Downtown Campus

Downtown Campus (5)

East Bay Campus

East Bay Campus (2)

Total Signs in all USF Campuses: 28