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Online Chat Sessions

Online chat sessions allow prospective students to meet USF faculty and staff online, in an informal-- while still informational-- virtual environment. Using technology provided by Hobsons' Group Chat, a typical chat session can be planned and implemented within a 3 week time frame.

What are the steps to host and set-up a chat session?
  1. Determine if the online chat will be in the evening or daytime. Evening chat sessions are normally on from 7-9 pm (recommended for undergraduate students); daytime chat sessions are normally from 12-2 pm (recommended for graduate or professional studies students).
  2. Identify the specific types of prospects you'd like to invite via e-mail. You can send a text or graphic postcard. Submit an Email Campaign Request Form, which will include the email list requirements as well.
  3. Enrollment Communications will post the chat event on the USF online chat page:
  4. Determine if more than one chat rooms will be needed for the chat session. The standard is to have one room. (Enrollment Communications will configure the chat room to these specifications.)
    For example:
    * a welcome/reception room
    * a financial aid room
  5. Identify and invite colleagues and current USF students who will help moderate the chat session.
  6. If colleagues have not participated in a chat session before, please notify Enrollment Communications to allow for a training session to be setup before the chat.
  7. Contact Enrollment Communications the day before the chat to coordinate the location for chat participants to work and confirm the number of computers needed.
  8. Order food and drinks (optional).

For more information on hosting your own chat session, please contact