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Ronnie Versher

Associate Director, Enrollment & Recruitment

Ronnie Versher

Hello future Don! My name is Ronnie Versher Jr. I'm one of the transfer counselors at the University of San Francisco as well as an alumnus of the university. USF offers students a strong liberal arts education in the Jesuit Catholic tradition while taking a holistic approach in the education of the whole person. The University of San Francisco prepares students to “make their world better,” we accomplish this through our unique mission and commitment to “change the world from here.”

I review transfer applicants’ applications that are applying for the following programs: Advertising, Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology. Primary contact for the part-time, degree completion program in Management.

The application process is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, so please do not hesitate to keep in touch. I welcome questions from all prospective transfer applicants interested in the aforementioned programs.

Best regards,
Ronnie M. Versher Jr., M.S.


Phone: (415) 422-4380 (direct)

Reviews applications for the following majors: Primary contact for the part-time, Bachelor of Science in Management degree completion program in the School of Management