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Usage of USF block types

There are a number of block sizes and configurations in use on the USF website. Here are a some specific guidelines for how each block might behave; other possibilities exist, but here we will present a limited set of options which cover a wide range of functionality.

Single block (150 pixels square)

This is the literal building block of the site design in both form and content. It can display content in the following ways:

  1. Photo slideshow: fades from one square photo to another, either on mouseover or automatically. This option will probably not allow captions, as the interaction between an auto-fading photo and a changing caption can get complicated.
  2. Single photo with caption (including link to another page or site if appropriate) on mouseover.
  3. Video: still frame that expands horizontally to a small video player window when clicked.
  4. News block: a very short headline with optional leading header and optional following link. Dark blue background.
  5. Event block: again, very short headline with (non-optional) leading date/time and optional following link. Dark green background.

Long single block (560 by 150 pixels)

These are the dimensions of the “video capture” box used on the top of the USF homepage.

  1. The homepage treatment (narrow block expands on click to show full video) can potentially be used on other pages, although with discretion: you’ll have to make sure the rest of the page works well with the on-click movement. In general, it would be our preference to have this particular interactive feature limited to the main .edu homepage. At the very least it shouldn’t be used on any inside pages of any site.
  2. These dimensions are ideal for a single attractive photo — perhaps a panoramic campus shot, or another creatively cropped photograph.
  3. A slideshow of such photographs (with captions if desired).

Extra-long single block (730 by 150 pixels)

As seen on the USF Directions page (link below). Options 2 and 3 above are available for this block also.

Foursquare double block (320 by 320 pixels)

Currently this block is only used on the visit homepage, where it will alternate as needed with a 2×2 set of four blocks.

Long double block (560×320 pixels)

These are the dimensions of the full video on the current USF homepage, and is used on many other pages such as the A&S Graduate Programs homepage.

  1. A video can play in this space. This is a very large and prominent size for a video, and anything used should be of good quality. It should also require a click to play.
  2. 2. As seen on the college page, a single photo can work very well here.
  3. 3. A slideshow (with or without captions) is also possible.

Extra-long double block (730 by 320 pixels)

This block is used on the Student Leadership and Engagement homepage.

Full width double block (900 by 320 pixels)

This block is used on the School of Education homepage.

  1. The ideal use for this block is a single still photograph, perhaps with a strong feature-driven caption.
  2. These blocks ideally should not contain animation; this is a large space, and good photos will necessitate a relatively high file size. However, if a number of photos can be found of sufficient quality to hold up in that space, a slideshow approach may be used.