USF Steps Up with Half-Price Courses

USF WILL OFFER A LIMITED NUMBER of general education courses for half price at its regional campuses as a way to help non-USF students who are feeling the squeeze of budget
cuts at the state’s public universities.

Through the new program, USF Steps Up, the university will offer lower division classes in philosophy, U.S. history, writing, public speaking, Spanish, statistics, psychology, politics, and sociology at its campuses in Sacramento, San Ramon, Santa Rosa, and Cupertino. The price for each unit in the program will be $560 ($1,680 per course), which is a 55 percent discount from the regular cost of these courses at USF’s main campus. The program will begin in January.

“I’ve heard heartbreaking stories from my colleagues at state schools,” said Jennifer Turpin, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “Students are begging to get into classes, but they can’t graduate because they can’t get the classes they need. We realized we could help these students and California by offering these classes at our regional campuses, where USF already has a presence.”

USF’s regional campuses concentrate on offering advanced degrees to working professionals, and most of those courses are taught at nights and on weekends. Because of this, USF is able to offer the new daytime courses because there are no scheduling conflicts and little additional overhead.
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