"Quote Me."

Notable quotables from around campus


“Federal authorities initiated the real-estate boom by depressing mortgage-interest rates. Then they exacerbated conditions by refusing to adequately regulate mortgage-lending practices. The result: An unprecedented and unsustainable increase in real-estate values, egged on by greed, skullduggery, and tomfoolery.”

Michael Lehmann, professor emeritus of economics, in an op-ed piece that ran Sept. 16 in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Our knowledge regarding what happens to the body with age is really changing. It used to be that the gold standard for physical performance was 20. But now you have people who are continuing to train and are pushing the age curve up.”

Karen Francis, assistant professor of exercise and sport science, quoted Aug. 22 in the San Francisco Chronicle in a story about older athletes at the Olympics.

“The purpose of education as this university sees it, and as I see it, is not to merely attain certain skills but to take those skills and go out and change the world for the better.”

Aaron Hahn Tapper, assistant professor of theology and religious studies and director of the Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice, quoted Sept. 18 in Forward about USF’s Jewish studies and social justice minor.

“A lot of these kids have been brought in from Myanmar, they’re from Cambodia, they’re from China, from Vietnam. They were brought for the purpose of being the play objects for tourists from all over the world. They would go to karaoke bars where they could find young kids and do things to these young kids that they would be in jail for, for doing back at home.”

David Batstone, professor of theology and religious studies, quoted during a Sept. 3 feature story on KGO-TV ABC 7 about the Erasmus program’s recent trip to Thailand to learn about the roots of human trafficking.

“The independent and the small business person are fighting a much steeper battle for sales in a shrinking market.”

Eugene Muscat, professor of business, quoted Sept. 23 in BusinessWeek about the holiday shopping season during this economic slump.

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