New Era for Business and Professional Studies


USF IS BUILDING UPON the strengths of the School of Business and Management and the College of Professional Studies by merging the two into a new college, the School of Business and Professional Studies.

“With a strong faculty of more than 65 full-time members joined by more than 250 professionals who teach on a part-time basis along with a staff of 45, the School of Business and Professional Studies will be able to strengthen existing programs and launch new courses of study for men and women who seek entry into or advancement in meaningful careers in business organizations, nonprofits, and government,” said Dean Mike Duffy, who previously served as the dean of the School of Business and Management.

Combining the School of Business and Management, which primarily served traditional undergraduate- and graduate-level students in areas such as entrepreneurship and business administration, with the College of Professional Studies, which primarily offered programs for working professionals in such areas as public administration and organizational behavior and development, allows USF to create a richer portfolio of programs for students seeking a rigorous Jesuit education, said James L. Wiser, USF provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Joining the alumni of the two schools will also expand the networking opportunities available to their graduates.