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Alumni Reunions and Events

Classes of 1969 and 1974 Alumni Reunions

The inaugural Fall Fest weekend included a few traditional reunions in its mix of activities. The Classes of 1969 (40th) and 1974 (35th) formed committees in May to begin planning for their celebrations. While members of both classes were invited to the many other activities being held that weekend, the main event was dinner in the tent on campus. The festive space brought guests together for cocktails, dinner, and dessert. In addition to eating and reminiscing, plenty of time was spent paging through yearbooks of the era.

Class Reunions 1
Bob Pindroh ’68 and Corene Heing Pindroh ’69.
Class Reunions 13
USF Class of 1974.
Class Reunions 10 
Class Reunions 11 
Class Reunions 14
(l to r) Dan Lawson ’73, Greg Baccari ’74, and Jack Van Etten ’74.
Class Reunions 12 
Class Reunions 15 
Class Reunions 2 
Class Reunions 3 
Class Reunions 9 
Class Reunions 4 
Class Reunions 5 
Class Reunions 6 
Class Reunions 8 
Class Reunions 7 



Nursing Almuni Decades Reunion: 1960-69

Several reunions were held as part of the inaugural Fall Fest 2009 weekend, including a first-ever decades reunion for School of Nursing alumni from the 1960’s. The committee planning events included representatives from most years of the decade, and they were charged with calling their classmates and encouraging their participation.

On Nov. 6, alumni held a cocktail reception in the newly refurbished Kalmanovitz (formerly Campion) Hall, giving alumni an opportunity to meet with spouses, guests, and current nursing graduate students. The next morning, the alumni met for Mass in St. Ignatius Church, celebrated by USF Chancellor John Lo Schiavo, S.J., followed by a brunch on campus. School of Nursing Dean Judy Karshmer then led a tour of the facilities used by current students.

School of Nursing alumni address by Dean Karshmer
School of Nursing dean Judith Karshmer addresses the alumni during brunch.
School of Nursing 2 alumni talking 
School of Nursing 3 alums 
School of Nursing Alumni 
School of Nursing Alumni group shot 
School of Nursing Alumni at table 
School of Nursing Alumni group shot 2 
School of Nursing Alumni talking 
School of Nursing Alumni groupshot 3 



Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion

Lone Mountain alumnae returned to campus Oct. 18 for their annual reunion. Special recognition was given to members of classes celebrating milestone reunions: Class of 1969 (40th reunion), Class of 1959 (50th reunion), and Class of 1949 (60th reunion)

USF Chancellor John Lo Schiavo, S.J. celebrated Mass in the Del Santo Reading Room on Lone Mountain before alumnae socialized at a wine reception and lunch.

During their reunion, alumnae honored two individuals who have been instrumental in the ongoing story of the Religious of the Sacred Heart and the Lone Mountain Alumnae Association: Mary “Be” Mardel, R.S.C.J. and Elvera “Ellie” Fusco ’50. Sr. Mardel has had a long and successful ministry in Sacred Heart schools up and down the West Coast. Ellie was instrumental in making sure the Lone Mountain Alumnae Association did not fall by the wayside after Lone Mountain college closed.

The 2010 Lone Mountain Alumnae reunion is scheduled for Oct. 17.

Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 1
(l to r) Valerie Ossetynska-Hunken ’69 and Cynthia Avelino ’69 next to a San Francisco College for Women Lone Mountain board.
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 2
Lone Mountain alumnae check out a memory board.
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 3
(l) Sr. Mami Jenkins, R.S.C.J. and Shirley Connolly ’58.
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 4
(l to r) Sr. Lawrence, Mary Magnano Smith ’69, Elizabeth Gumucio Bliss ’69, and Sr. Catherine McMahon, R.S.C.J.
Lone Mountain Class of 1949
Lone Mountain Class of 1949.
Lone Mountain Class of 1969
Lone Mountain Class of 1969.
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 10 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 11 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 12 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 13 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 14 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 15 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 16 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 17 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 18 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 19 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 21 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 6 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 8 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 9 
Lone Mountain Alumni Reunion 7 



St. Patrick's Day Three-Peat

St. Patrick's Day ParadeMore than 40 USF alumni and friends from as far away as Reno and Sacramento gathered on Saturday, March 13 to decorate their cable car for the St Patrick’s Day parade. This was the fifth year USF entered the parade, and for the third year in a row, USF was awarded the 1st place plaque in the Cable Car division for its efforts.