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Spring Break at Home

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If there's one thing I like about spring semester, it's the amount of breaks we get throughout the semester!  Spring break this year at USF is a week earlier than my little brother's and the schools back home in Petaluma, so I found myself awkwardly at home while everyone was still in class.  On top of that, there was nothing but rain and storms this week.

Despite the lack of coordination of spring breaks with my family and friends, and the not-so-spring-like weather, I was able to enjoy the break from the busy world of nursing school and get some work and studying done over the break without having to worry about a freak quiz coming up the next day.

Studying for Midterms

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 A few nights ago my roommate asked me what I was up to.  I told her that I had a midterm tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and asked about herself.  She was on the other side of the spectrum with nothing but reading and papers.  As much as I don't like reading and papers, midterms aren't so great either.  On a small 20-question quiz I got back, I found out that I had completely forgotten to bubble in an answer on the Scantron.  You can imagine how paranoid I felt when I took my 60- and 75-question midterms today and yesterday - never spent so much time anxiously checking my bubbles until this week.

As of now, I'm halfway through my midterms.  Luckily one of my midterms next week was moved after Spring Break, although in the beginning of the semester, me along with the majority of the class wanted it before the break.  Right now I'm glad it got moved since I have another midterm waiting for me next week with a good portion on cardiac rhythms, which my professor described as flat out memorization, so you'll know what I'll be doing this weekend...

Nurse. . . PART TWO

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 In the fall, I had trouble reciting my classes when my classmates would ask the oh so popular question: "So what classes are you taking?"  I would reply, "An ethics class, clinicals, pathophysiology and pharmacology part I, assessment blahblah something with a really long name part I...let me check my schedule and I'll tell you."  (I kid you not - Sophomore I nursing classes have very long class titles.)  My efforts to remember the class names last semester have really paid off, because my classes this semester are:

Drum roll please...those classes...part TWO!

Despite the lack of variety in class names, I'm still very excited for the semester.  Right now I'm practicing at the LRC (Learning Resource Center) in Cowell on how to do wound dressings, and in about a week I'll be learning how to insert a Foley catheter.  My instructor showed me both of those last semester at the hospital, but I had no clue that I would be learning how to do them myself the very next semester.  If by any crazy chance you stop by CPMC Davies campus in the city and see a student nurse doing one of the two, you never know, it might be me! :P

Winter Break

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 If there's one difference I noticed about being in college, it's that you don't feel as awkward when you tell everyone that you slept and did almost nothing during the entire break.  I know that's what I did.  In fact, when I asked my friends if they did any traveling over the break, most of them said they did the same thing as me.  I had a very restful break with my little brother and parents at home.  My family hosts a small potluck dinner on Christmas Eve every year with a few families.  That combined with my parents' cooking put my makeshift cooking to shame (yes, I do actual cooking without a microwave), and made me reluctant to leave as the end of January came closer.

Finally, I had to pry myself from my family after getting used to living with them for the past month and headed back to the city.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to celebrate the Lunar New Year with them since the semester started on that very day (I still hope for the day it's recognized as a holiday in this country).  Aside from that, my break was filled with lots of restful sleep, family, and good food.

Disclaimer: Even though most of my post consisted of food, I love my family dearly and miss them!

Thanksgiving Break!

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Because of the way some portions of my final were arranged in my nursing classes, I was able to head home for Thanksgiving break a few days before that Thursday.  I was starting to get a little homesick and bored of my own cooking, so I was happy to see my little brother again and my parents when I went home that week.  I spend the week with my family and had Thanksgiving with my parents' family friends like we've done for the past few years.  I did a little bit of Black Friday shopping after the stampedes in the middle of the night.  My break was very relaxing and I look forward to the end of the semester, which is rapidly approaching in less than a few weeks.

Midterm Mania

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I found midterms rolling in faster than I expected.  After the initial transition into nursing classes and clinical, I found myself getting a better idea on how  being a nurse will be like in the future.  Within the first month or so at St. Francis, I can already tell that I will love being a nurse because almost 99% of the time I will wake up at five or so in the morning with less than three hours of sleep (I have this bad tendency to sleep later the only morning I have to get up early), feel absolutely terrible getting to the hospital, and wanting to pass out on the bus, only to find myself walking out of the hospital with a smile on my face.  This isn't something that happens when I have a good patient - overall being in the hospital is a heartwarming experience for me and I find it hard not to enjoy being there making a difference in other people's lives.

My other courses during the midterm period, on the other hand, were not much different than your typical lecture class.  I found myself improving my studying skills a little more by reviewing the material earlier than I normally would (a day or two before), despite the increased difficulty in the courses I'm taking.  Surprise, surprise, doing your reading actually help!  You don't have to memorize the book front-to-back, but actually exposing yourself to the textbook that isn't gathering dust somewhere helped me score a few extra points that I wouldn't have gotten in the past.  If I had to make a point or two about midterms, they would be:

1) Do the reading when you're supposed to - not a few days before the midterm.

2) Start studying earlier!  If you don't know how to start off, make a schedule of what you'll review and when you'll do it.  Most                 importantly, what makes this work (this applies to diets too by the way), is actually doing what you say you'll do.

Other than that, I would advise you to attend class in general, because a lot of professors will make special notes of things ONLY during lecture - some even include those special tidbits in exam questions to reward those who actually show up.  I found that when I stick to what I say I'll do, I find myself doing well on my exams, so I'm anticipating on meeting my goals for my midterms.

Back to School

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This year is my first year living off-campus, so I was in for a bunch of new experiences off-campus.  One of them included something I had never done before: "real" cooking outside of a toaster oven and microwave.  Surprisingly enough I didn't set things on fire and I've been able to manage very well preparing my own food, so aside from waiting for my food to cook, it wasn't an issue.  I live no more than a 15 minute walk uphill (it's shorter downhill back) to USF, so I don't have much trouble getting to class on time.

The transition back into school wasn't as drastic as it has been in the past since I was busy working while taking classes over the summer, so I was already in a somewhat productive mood before heading back into the city for the fall.  The only thing that hit me was the transition from "normal college classes" that were the pre-requisite classes for the nursing program to taking the actual nursing courses that are directly applied in the clinical setting.  It was overwhelming at first, but I really enjoyed being able to learn things that directly helped me in my future career (I'm sure we've all felt at some point that some class we took didn't seem relevant to our jobs).  Other than that, my semester started off great and I'm geared up and excited for my first clinical rotations.

Busy Summer

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This summer is my busiest summer yet.  I found myself taking three classes at the local junior college and an internship.  My first week this summer was spent trying to move my belongings back home AND clean out my room at the same time – very bad idea.  It led to my room looking like a bombing site for days.  The week after that was spent on a relaxing vacation with my family in Hawai`i.  After those two weeks, I found myself getting right into the internship where my dad works, and another week later, summer school.

If there’s one thing my summer is teaching me at the moment, it’s forcing me to make use of every free minute I have.  Since I have classes starting at seven in the morning, internship in the afternoon, and an evening class until nine, I have to keep myself from chatting with friends online and lollygagging when I get home.  After crowning myself the procrastination overlord back in high school, me being productive is like a Christmas miracle.

There are two more things I’m also doing this summer:

1) Getting excited for clinical rotations this fall!
2) Getting even more excited over being a part of the Saint Ignatius Institute orientation team this fall!!

Let Me Introduce Myself

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Hi, I'm Jennifer Yu, or Jen for short and I'm from Petaluma, California. Just think about "pet a llama" if can't remember the name. I was born in New York City and I'm the first-generation born in America. I can speak and write a little Mandarin here and there, aside from "chow mein" and "kung pao chicken." Some things I like doing on my free time is drawing what's on my mind, biking, and swimming. I'm secretly an online forum junkie that is a moderator for a game and I'm a band geek as well.

I get excited over the silliest things, like wearing legitimate lab coats for my microbiology lab and having a mini Beanie Baby crab on my desk. I have a betta fish that my little brother decided to name "Feesh" after he ingeniously tried to phonetically spell out "fish" when he was spacing out (he was in the county spelling bee last year) and he likes to hide under the dinosaur in my fish bowl. I try my best not to be too weird when it comes to meeting new people. I hope I didn't scare anyone off, but if you're still reading this, I guess I didn't.