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Half Way There!

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Half way there! – Spring break

Half way through the semester and still feeling good about things! I had only a couple of small plans to do over spring break. After the plans I would be back at USF early to get back to work and start getting ahead on all of my class readings. 

The first few days of Spring break I took a car ride to Santa Cruz and stayed with my great aunt who has a house in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains. I always forget how nice it is around her house and her backyard backs up to the forest, which is very private and relaxing. Yet she is only a 10-15 minute car ride down to the boardwalk! I haven’t seen her in a long time and it was great to see how she was doing and share with her what I have been up to at school. She was kind enough to give to me some vintage mopeds, which look like they will be my summer fix-up project! I am excited to start working on them and can’t wait till I can start riding them. The vintage look of the paint and the overall body of the mopeds just look great! They are both Puch Maxi Sports from 1977, they are considered the “Volkswagen” of scooters because they were made in large quantities and they are very easy to find parts for and fix. So, I look forward to my summer project it should be a lot of fun.

The other part of my break I spent a few days back in Rocklin at home and spent some quality down time. I came back to the city in the middle of the week to get back to work and start my reading for the next week. I’m looking forward to finishing up this very busy year, but I know there is still much work to be done!

Nursing Midterms

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 That time of year again when half of the semester is coming to a close. It's hard for me to believe that we are already 7 weeks into the semester, I feel like we just started. I suppose it's a good thing since I haven't lost the momentum for school.

 It's been a very busy semester, this is suppose to be the busiest semester and year for nursing students. Although I do feel like I have grown and learned the most this semester as a nurse. I feel much more comfortable with being in the hospital and with the skills that we have learned. The last skill check off before Spring break is foley catheters and before that we did wound dressings and wound irrigation. It's nice this semester because I feel like I am learning actual nursing skills this semester.

 I have been able to see and do some interesting procedures. The other week I was able to watch a spinal tap or a lumbar puncture and that was quite interesting. I am on a cardiac floor and it is very interesting to experience all of the heart conditions that I am learning in my theory class. It's fun to see everything coming together for my nursing classes.

 Midterms were pretty heavy this semester. Fortunately they were fairly spread out, but in combination with skill check offs, computer science project, and general class work it was quite a busy two weeks. I ended up studying the most for the midterm that ended up asking the most simple question, that's just how it goes sometimes.

I'll Be Home For Christmas

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Winter break is come and gone and the start of school is here already. I went back home for Christmas, and was it nice to have a small break from the dorms. Nothing beats your own bed, your time with the family, food from your family, and your friends back home. I had a short, but very relaxing break. I was back in Rocklin for just over two weeks before I was headed back to San Francisco. I was able to get in just enough time with friends and family and some time to relax as well. It was a crazy busy semester and I’m expecting the Spring semester to be just as busy.

I came back to San Francisco early to get back to working at the USF Law School ITS, I love my job and wouldn’t trade it for any others. My boss was very appreciative of me coming back early so, I was able to get some solid hours in. My girlfriend also came back early, just a few days after me so that she could work as well.                  

In between working we were able to go and do some fun activities around the city. We went and saw The Descendants, The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo, Beauty and the Beast in 3D, and The Contraband. Clearly quite the variety in movies, we also went to a hamburger restaurant called Roam Artisan Burgers. I had what they call “the French and fries” on an elk burger and she had the “sunny side” with beef. It was really really good! I highly recommend it, if I go back, which I plan to, I would get the sunny side it was a great burger that had egg on it!

I’m happy to be back and feeling recharged for another tough semester. I have my clinical rotations at San Francisco General Hospital, which should be quite the experience. The rotations should be much more exciting and I’m looking forward to the faster paced nursing than that of last semester. There are a lot of new and exciting things going on with the Nursing Student’s Association including the first NSA sponsored bonfire on the beach, it should be a lot of fun! I ended the last semester on a good note, and winter break was a lot of fun so, I hope to kick off this semester continuing with the good blessings and make the semester a great one!

Turkey Day

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    Back in the dorms from a really nice Thanksgiving… My dad, his girlfriend, and I went to my aunt and uncle’s house, we were in charge of the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pies. We arrive at their house say hello, take it all out of the car into the kitchen and realize we forgot the turkey, it’s still at my dad’s house a hour and half away! My dad was able to buy another turkey and we were able to laugh about it at the table, good times and memories made!

Thanksgiving is the teaser break to winter break, but it’s always welcomed by everyone. It was nice to get away from the studies for a while. The year is really turning out to be a tough one, but it is what you make of it. Since I decided to be a little more involved that some it’s slightly more busy. 

Done with mid terms, and finals are just a week away, and that’s it for the semester! I had my last day of clinical, we really appreciated the support that the nursing staff showed to us so we gave them a thank you card and made some cupcakes for them! NSA has really had an awesome semester we have a great bunch of leaders who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure students get what they want out of NSA. We have made a huge number of changes and things seem to be going in the direction we all want. 

Studying is starting to ramp up with finals and I wish the very best of luck to everyone as we get closer and closer! 

Half way

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    Mid terms in sight, and finals not to far after that, this is for sure the middle of the year. We have been in class long enough to know how the class works and what we need to do to get by and here comes the mid terms. Classes are going well for me I’m learning more and more practical knowledge about nursing. The skill check offs are going great, learning all about medication administration, giving injections, and learning how to do a head-to-toe assessment on patients! Clinical is going well, the nurses and the nursing assistants love having students around as we are willing to do anything we are able to, anything to get more experience.

Volunteering in the OR has been great as well, I’m able to see things that I don’t get to in clinical and it’s really beneficial to be in the hospital two days a week rather than one. I feel like the more time in the hospital the better. It’s also interesting to see how different departments of the hospital operate so differently.

Other nursing classes seem to be taking up a lot of time as well as computer science and my position in NSA. I’m so glad that I decided to do all of this, but at times it can feel like I bit off more than I can chew. I find myself working better under more pressure so maybe all of this is good. 

I still find time to explore the city every now and then, went to a few movies and found a great sandwich spot over on Hayes street not to far from the school! 

I haven’t been back home yet so I’m looking forward to being back and seeing family and friends back home over Thanksgiving. 

And it Begins

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  Back in San Francisco with the friends and start of school, finally! Can’t wait for the school year to be in full swing as I am excited to get into what nursing is really about. I’ll be at CPMC California campus for my clinical and I’ll also be volunteering there in the OR! My board position on the Nursing Student’s Association (NSA) should keep me busy as well, but it’s an awesome organization all nursing students should at least give a try, it’s a great way to get to meet other nursing students and get their priceless advice. I’m minoring in Computer Science and hopefully this semester I’ll be able to find a way to blend nursing and computer science to come up with something useful for myself and others. 

Move in day was great this year! I was feeling a little overwhelmed freshman year with not knowing what I’m doing and barely knowing anyone, but this year was great. It was nice to see familiar faces and know what I need to do and how to prepare for that first week of new classes. It’s an exciting part of the year you just need to embrace and make the best of it and I wish the best of luck to everyone this school year!

A Break From The Grind

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Hi everyone, I hope your summer is going well! Hopefully you are enjoying the summer sun and the much needed break from the grind of school.

I know for me it has been the busiest summer I have had and I'm not even taking any summer classes. So I can't imagine adding that to the equation for those taking classes. Being away from the beautiful weather of the bay area is starting to take it's toll with the many days of 100 degree plus here in Rocklin. Crazy as it may sound, I am starting to miss school and my job at the law school. So I can't wait for the school year to start back up! Thus far the summer has been filled with being with my girlfriend, spending time with friends and family, as well as working.

My girlfriend and I have been getting our fair share of frozen yogurt in this summer, as we rarely are able to enjoy it in the city. We have a summer trip planned with her family to Cabo in a couple weeks and I cannot wait! A couple of weeks ago I spent the week with the grandparents, my uncle, and the rest of my family in San Diego for a quick get away. It was very nice to get out and play golf with my grandparents and escape the sweltering heat! I was very fortunate this summer to be able to come home and have a job waiting for me, it was such a relief. I am working for a family friend who owns a hotdog business and have been going to different events helping sell hotdogs out of the many hotdog carts they have. Not the most glamorous job, but always interesting and fun talking to all sorts of different people. I am working a few days a week in downtown Sacramento as well as helping out with a few major events on the weekends such as the Folsom rodeo in the beginning of July. Like I said I can't wait for school to be here, but in the mean time enjoying the summer here in Rocklin.


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My name is Chase Smith, I am a Nursing major part of the USF class of 2014. I grew up in the town of Rocklin, California a small suburb outside of Sacramento. I attended Rocklin High School, played for the boys basketball team, worked as a babysitter, and was deeply involved in volunteer activities. My senior year I was part of the Every Fifteen Minutes program and would love to share my experiences with anyone who asks!

Since attending USF I have started an on-campus job at the USF School of Law working as a Student Assistant in ITS. I have participated in many volunteer activities, I am one of the officers in the Nursing Students Association, and a member of the Male Student Nursing Society. I spend most of my time involved with activities related to school and NSA while trying to squeeze in some time to explore the city with my girlfriend and friends. So, I encourage you to follow me and see what the life is of a male nursing student at the University of San Francisco.