The University of San Francisco: School of Nursing

Student Field Placements

MPH students have the opportunity to gain real world practice in some of the Bay Area’s best public health agencies.

In place of a research-based thesis, our students produce an original graduate project based on the culmination of their classroom learning, a 300-hour fieldwork internship, and a capstone synthesis that demonstrates mastery of the profession.

Enrique Guzman Villalobos, MPH

Name: Enrique Guzman Villalobos, MPH

Organization: California Program of Access to Care

Project Name: “Elusive Population Parity: Addressing the Shortage, Maldistribution and Insufficient Training Opportunities Among Latinos in California’s Healthcare Workforce”

Marilyn Florero, MPH & Dr. Kia James, MPH Dept. Chair

Name: Marilyn Florero, MPH & Dr. Kia James, MPH Department Chair

Field Placement: California Institute for Rural Studies

Project Name: “Rewarding A While hoping for B: Misalignment between incentives and preventative health measures for workers in the field”

Winnie Deng, MPH

Name: Winnie Deng, MPH

Field Placement: Flu Near You

Project Name: “Promoting Online Surveillance System to Reduce Influenza-Like Illnesses amongst USF Community"

 Michelle Santos, MPH

Name: Michelle Santos, MPH

Organization: Santa Clara Dept. of Public Health

Project Name: “Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Food Program & UST Program at Santa Clara County DEH”

I earned a BS in Biology/Physiology and a minor in Chemistry and I am a current student in the MPH program at the University of San Francisco. I developed an interest in public health because it incorporated my interests and background in science and my passion for community health.

My favorite courses at USF were Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Environmental Health.  I also enjoyed developing my leadership skills, and it was invaluable that the class times were very convenient. I plan on using my degree to advance my position within my current employment or to more freely explore other public health interests.

I am interested in Environmental Health and Health Education, as they are directly related to my educational background, work experience, and interests.

Nicole Navarette, MPH

Name: Nicole Navarette, MPH

Organization: The Food Education Project

Project Name: “Nourishing the Minds of Students through Four Basic Components – Health, Nutrition, Food and Environment”

I am a recent graduate of the MPH program at the University of San Francisco. My background is in health education with an emphasis in community-based public health from San Francisco state university. I chose to pursue an MPH because I have always been interested in helping individuals marginalized by society. The public health field has allowed me to help under served populations. I am interested in women's health and want to advocate for women when going through unfortunate health events. 

My favorite part of the MPH program at USF was group presentations and my internship. Advice I would give to another students is to prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. It will be worth it. The two years go by fast.