Sophia Peoples


 Expected Graduation: May 2014, Hometown: Aptos, CA

 Major: Design, Minor: Fine Arts 

Three Words: Inspired, Easy-going, Creative

Why USF:

Essentially, I wanted to attend a small school in a fun city. I wanted to get a liberal arts education where I could also study Design and Fine Arts. USF had that to offer and seemed like a great fit. Besides the city and the design program that drew me to USF, San Francisco was also the far enough away from home (Santa Cruz), but also close enough for comfort.

USF Involvement:

  • During the Fall of my Sophomore year, I was a research assistant for the Art and Architecture Department. During this position I collaborated with four other students to paint a mural on the playground at Star of the Sea Elementary. Along with creating the mural, we also spent a few Fridays giving art lessons to one of the first grade classes at the school.
  • Spring semester of my freshman year, I received an internship position at the Graphics Center. The GC is an on-campus student-run design firm that offers services to all the USF clubs and organizations. After completing my internship, I was hired back as a Designer my Sophomore year. I currently still work there.
  • I am also one of the co-presidents of the AIGA Club at USF. This club is a smaller division in the San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute for Graphic Arts. As a Sophomore, I am co-president with a Junior and Senior. We have held organized and informal events on and off campus that relate to the interests in art and design.

Benefits of Involvement:

Through my involvement at USF I have gained great experiences that have helped me excel in the world of art and design. By broadening my horizons outside of the classroom, I have been able to further indulge in the things I am passionate about. By getting involved I have attended many on and off-campus events that provide me with new resources and unlimited inspiration. In addition to all the opportunities that became available to me, I have also made amazing friendships, connections, and networks. It is such a pleasure to be working and collaborating with other students that have similar interests. It is both exciting and comforting to be apart of a community where I feel connected.


I define leadership as the ability to help guide, organize, and steer others in a positive direction. Leaders at USF possess much more than just the characteristics to take charge. They are not demanding or controlling, but instead they show their leadership in a way is inspirational and encouraging. They are fun to be around and seek the best interests of the whole community.

Advice to First Year Students: DO IT! As cliché as it sounds, by getting involved with the things you love, you will meet people you love as well. The benefits are SO rewarding. You will notice them on an individual level and within your community.

Favorite Place in City: Corona Heights

Random Fact: I went to burning man with my dad when I was 16.