Rabell Afridi


 Grade: Senior, Hometown: Fremont, CA

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Three Words: Passionate, Vivacious, Sociable

Why USF:

 I chose to attend USF because I wanted to attend a small school where I could develop stronger relationships with faculty members. Growing up I have always really appreciated my teachers because they have significantly impacted my growth as a person. I wanted my connection with educators to strengthen in college as well because college is an essential point in one's life where one really begins to create an identity and I feel as if educators are essential positive role models in the process. In addition, San Francisco is really close to my hometown in the East Bay so I always have the option of going home and spending time with my family.

USF Involvement:

·         General Member of the Muslim Student Association, Pre-Amsa, and Tribeta

·         Events Coordinator of the Muslim Student Association

·         President of the Muslim Student Association

·         Student Assistant for Sheila Sullivan, Director for Student Advocacy

Benefits of Involvement:

I have gained pure happiness from being involved! I have met so many incredible people with extremely diverse backgrounds that I probably wouldn't have met had I not chosen to be involved. Being involved has resulted in my life being so much more balanced and that balance has made college much less stressful. I can safely say that involvement has resulted in my fulfillment of the perfect college experience.


My personal definition of leadership is being a role model. Basically as a leader one has the opportunity to influence individuals around him/her so it allows one to positively impact those around them. Leaders have the capability to encourage those around them to become involved and passionate about something, whatever it may be. Whether this means encouraging their fellow classmates to educate the community about certain political issues that need to be addressed or volunteering their time to help members of the community who aren't as fortunate as us. That's what's so beautiful about leadership, the ability to bring groups of different people to work together towards a common goal. USF students are exposed to so many different cultures and religions and as a result have the knowledge and sensitivity to be respectful towards differences instead of judgmental. In order for one to change the world, one needs to be aware of what the world has to offer and this means all the wonderfully unique people out there.

Advice to First Year Students:

 Do not ignore the advice of anyone who is telling you to be involved in college. Honestly being involved makes the college experience so much more enjoyable. Think about what you're passionate about. As soon as it comes to mind, find any organization on campus that has the same passion and get involved with it. If one doesn't exist, create your own!

Favorite Place in City: The UC 4th Floor on the campus of USF

Random Fact:  I am Michael Buble's biggest fan! Anyone who knows me can easily attest that I mention him at least once a day if not more. If you are not familiar with him check him out on Youtube so that you can expose yourself to magic!