Mele Perla



Expected Graduation: May 2014, Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major: English (And in DDTP program!), Minor: Music

Three Words: Bright, Colorful, Loud

Why USF:

I chose to attend USF because I love the atmosphere! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I really felt like anyone here could fit in or find a group of people or club or anything where they could really be themselves and thrive. Additionally, it's sort of the perfect distance from home: Far enough to dorm, close enough to go home whenever you want!

USF Involvement:

  • University Ministry (helps with student mass + part of a CORE group + Kairos retreats)
  • Campus Activities Board (Talent Director)
  • RA in Gillson Hall

Benefits of Involvement:

I've become a more outgoing person. I don't find myself as intimidated of other people as often. When you're involved, you meet so many awesome people! Being involved is definitely a great way to network and make friends.


I really think leadership can be defined as the ability to be willing to put yourself out there and take initiative in order to create a welcoming community and environment for everyone.

Advice to First Year Students:

Get involved. You won't be able to have the same experiences through school and work. You need something else that you can truly be passionate about. Give yourself a break and get involved. Even if it's just one club, it's good for you. I was only in a few things this year, but next year, I want to do even more.

Favorite Place in City: City Lights Bookstore

Random Fact:  I love to make YouTube Videos!