Mckenzie Mullen


 Grade: Senior, Hometown: Valencia, CA

Major: International Studies, Minor: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Three Words: Knitter, Creative, Oddball

Why USF:

 Initially I chose to attend USF because of the location. I think I've stayed at USF because I've found a community of people as passionate as I am advocating for social justice.

USF Involvement:

·         Political Coordinator - Queer Alliance (Fall 2012- Spring 2013)

·         Dialogue for Change - Participant (2011)

·         Dialogue for Change - Co-Facilitator (Spring and Fall 2012)

·         St. Mary's Wo/men's Conference - Presenter (Spring 2012)

·         Fat Positivity Workshop RA Training - Presenter (Summer 2012)

·         Cultural Centers - Intern (2011 - 2013)

·         Allies Trainings - Facilitator (2012)

Benefits of Involvement:

 I feel like I have found a community through my involvement and have learned many skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.  All of my USF friends have come from my involvement on campus and influence my current interests.


 A leader, to me, is someone who can participate with others in a sustainable dialogue and who can stand apart from the status quo. At the same time, I think folks who engage, encourage, and accept that person who stands apart are similarly leaders.

Advice to First Year Students: Join clubs, be open, and find a community.

Favorite Place in City: Imagiknit

Random Fact:  I love vegan baking!