Lori Pirinjian


 Graduated: May 2014 Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Major: Spanish; Latin American Studies

Three Words: Caring, Energetic, Passionate

Why USF:

I chose to attend USF primarily based on the school's location. I love that it is both close to home and in such a fabulous city! I feel like there are endless opportunities here and the chance to grow personally as well. I also love the intimate school setting, I have had countless positive experiences with my professors! USF is an amazing school, and the social justice component of learning makes my classes interesting and gives me tools for the future.

USF Involvement:

  • Anti-Human Trafficking Club (President: Spring 2012 - Spring 2014): A club that raises awareness amongst students on the current global fight against human trafficking.
  • Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter (President: Fall 2011): A club that focuses on environmental sustainability in a business setting.
  • Viva Brazil Club (General Member): A club that promotes Brazilian culture around the city.
  • Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (Student Assistant in the Student Advocacy Department)

Benefits of Involvement:

I have learned a lot about my own leadership style and as well as met many people who share the same passions as me. It has been so rewarding to share common interests with my fellow students and encourage them to follow their dreams.


In the Anti-Human Trafficking Club, we've realized that it is in our means as college students to educate fellow students and advocate for the cause. By doing this, we are "Changing the World from Here," by using the resources available to us through our positions as students to make the biggest impact we can on a cause we are all passionate about.

Advice to First Year Students:

Put yourself out there! You have nothing to lose by joining a club that interests you and at least checking out the first meeting. The people at this school are so kind and welcoming, you are bound to have an awesome time!

Favorite Place in City: The Mission District

Random Fact: I do not have a middle name!