John Chibnall


Expected Graduation: May 2014 Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Politics

Three Words: Ambition, Consideration, Communication

Why USF:

Coming from St. Louis, Missouri, sometimes my worldview was not as open or expansive as I wanted it to be so, when I applied to colleges, I looked for a diverse institution where the views as well as the experiences differed from my own and each other. I found that at USF!

USF Involvement:

  • ASUSF Senate:
    • ASUSF President
    • Sophomore Class Representative
    • Public Relations Committee
    • Mission Committee
  • Greek Extension Committee
  • Founder of Political Action, Community Engagement (PACE)
  • St. Ignatius Mass Choir
  • Gospel Choir
  • First Year Seminar Assistant
  • Get Oriented (GO) Team:
    • Orientation Leader
    • Team Leader

Benefits of Involvement:

Not only has being involved helped me meet some of my best friends but it has also given me the opportunity to discover who I am as an individual. These roles that I have served in help me to find my passions and strengths and they teach me how to use those strengths to make a difference.


I think that leadership is being unafraid of being exceptional even if part of being exceptional means that I do things that are unpopular or go unrewarded. This means participating in the leadership positions because I want to help make someone's life better, even if that person stays anonymous forever. I was taught at a young age to live by the motto that you leave a place better than when you first arrived. That is my goal in life and that is how I channel my leadership while always recognizing that I have the ability to change the world wherever I am because I have the passion and drive to make a difference. 

Advice to First Year Students:

Step out of your comfort zone because college is one of the best chances to try new things, meet new people and have different experiences. You have nothing to lose by putting yourself out there so take a chance!

Favorite Place in City: The Sutro Baths at Ocean Beach

Random Fact:  I was a model for the Students Reward Program promotions.